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  • Kevin Cheung
    Kevin Cheung wrote:
    China now has more Internet users than the United States. The most popular instant messaging service in China is called QQ. As a fellow administrator of several QQ chat groups, I've been asked to seek out other Americans to join a few of these groups. Why? Because the Chinese like Americans and want to be our friends. They love our culture and are fascinated by our style. I've personally talked with people from around the world and haven't found anyone as friendly as the Chinese. If you have some idle time during the late night or early morning, why not talk to people half way around the world who genuinely want to learn more about you?

    How do you get started? It's pretty easy. First go to this page:


    At the top right you can sign up for a new ID. Once you have your ID, download Tencent Messenger 2008 Beta from the same page. This program is fairly easy to use, and it's very well made from a technical standpoint. It has a smaller memory footprint than AIM, Yahoo, or MSN clients, and seems to use CPU time and bandwidth very efficiently.

    There are two sides to QQ. The on-line instant messaging, and a web portal known as QQ Zone. This is a page sort of like MySpace. You can decorate the page as you like, your friends can leave public messages, you can upload pictures, ect. Unfortunately, the QQ Zone pages are in Chinese only, but this may change over time. However, QQ Zone is not needed simply to chat with others.

    When you have logged into QQ, add my number (757496342) to your friends list. I will contact you and get you started in a room where you can chat with others. You will find the Chinese are very friendly and many will want to add you to their friends list. Most Chinese are very good at English, but you will have to be patient with those who are still learning. In fact, being kinda and patient is one thing I request of anyone who wishes to join any of these groups.

    So, if you would like to join me, please do. If you have any trouble getting QQ to work or figuring out how to use it, please contact me anytime. Thanks!


    cited from http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=32522126946&ref=mf

    my QQ no. is 3900732   awaiting for hearing  from you too!!!  


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