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  • Stephen David Mauldin
    Stephen David Mauldin wrote:

    Introducing for discussion a group "The Revolution of the Mind"

    Subtitle: Cultural Identity: the Maoist Communist Hypothesis



    Culturally China carries the creative capacity of Maoism - a not extinguished excess yet vital despite the oppression of the regime's Reform. The emphasis is not calling for the rejection of this core identity, but its expansion in a new phase of Maoism.

    Alain Badiou: "The simple phrase, ‘there is only one world’, is not an objective conclusion. It is performative: we are deciding that this is how it is for us. Faithful to this point, it is then a question of elucidating the consequences that follow from this simple declaration... A first consequence is the recognition that all belong to the same world as myself.. we can agree and disagree about things. But on the precondition that they and I exist in the same world."

  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:

    everything is a perception of our 6 senses, so reality exists only in our minds. so badiou was right: there is only one world, but at the same time there isnt. 

    smail from the heart! 

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