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  • Bigcannon Cui
    Bigcannon Cui wrote:

    Medical Qigong is one of the gems in the treasure-house of China's cultural heritage and is considered as one of the therapeutic methods of TCM both in China and some other countries. As a component part of Traditional Chinese Medicine it comprises of medical keep-fit activity and has a history of several thousand years in China. Qigong as an art of self-training both body, mind and respiration as well as sending external Qi has the functions of preventing and curing diseases, protecting and strengthening health and prolonging life. Medical qigong has been popular and recommended in China and worldwide for decades. Numerous clinical and laboratory studies show its effectiveness on the neuromuscular system, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, metabolism and endocrine system as well as immune system etc.

  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:

    I practise Qi-Kung. In your opinion y qi-kung helps you to prolong your life etc.?

    In my humble opinion qi-kung helps you to find a balance in your inner flow of vitality. it helps you to increase the flow and to solve blockades. you achiev that throughout relaxing. qi-kung has nothing to do with yoga where you make funny poses and in my opinion create blockades most of the time, qi-kung is in a big part as well the art of relaxation.

    so what is your opinion?

    shaolin greetings

  • Bigcannon Cui
    Bigcannon Cui wrote:

    in the point of my view, the formation is nonsense, the point of qi-kung is what you think and how you guide your inner qi flow in your body.

    so, yoga is also a kind of qi-kung, but in most of the trainning classes, you could not get the point of the yoga, so if you want to be a master in the field of yoga, just find a good teacher.

    in china, there is a tradition, if you want learn something deeply, without a famous and skillful teacher or just taking part in a trainning class, it is impossible for to learn something useful.

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