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    Chinese Herbal Medicine developed over thousands of years. The use of plants as medicinal substance began after discovering that some plants were edible and others brought relief in certain cases of illness. The text on medicine the ”Yellow Emperor�s Inner Classic” originated 2000 years ago. In this book early medical experiences were summarized. The use of plants as a medicinal substance developed more and more, and several books on herbs and the composition of formulae appeared. Many of those formulae are still used today, the so called ”Classical Formulae”. Chinese herbal medicine is still developing, resulting in the ”Modern Formulae”. Besides new formulae also new forms of taking the herbal medicine were created. Originally the herbal formula was decocted and, as a tea, consumed over the day. Nowadays there are decoctions, pills, tablets, powders, pastes, herbal extracts soaked in alcohol, and even infusions on the market.

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