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    Bigcannon Cui wrote:

    TCM means traditional chinese medicine

    Within the ancient old traditional Chinese medicine, health is synonym for the capacity to keep inner harmony. This inner harmony rises from the balance between Yin and Yang. The symbol for Yin and Yang stands for two mutual opposing and at the same time mutual interdependent forces.

    According to the traditional Chinese view on the world, the universe is a cycle of (vital) energy, called Qi. This energy consists of a negative, dark, shadow side (Yin) and a positive, light, sunny side (Yang). Everything surrounding us, the myriad things, our thoughts and feelings al are the result of the exchange between yin and yang.

    If one overcomes the other, balance is lost. One can say that health has left the body of man. Harmony and balance are dependent on an equally and uninterrupted flow of Qi, the origin of all energy. Qi flows through the meridians and in this way connects all the internal organs and viscera.

    By using an outside stimulus, for instance a couple of nature plants which could supplement the qi people lack of, the flow of Qi can be stimulated. This serves the purpose to restore inner harmony and balance, meaning that health and wellbeing are able to return.

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