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  • Colin Friedman
    Colin Friedman wrote:

    The time has come for me to replace my laptop.

    I know that when Vista first appeared everybody recommended staying with XP and not using Vista as the O/S.

    Is this still true? Is Vista still problematic?

    In short what is the current recommended WIndows O/S?



  • Colin Friedman

    Peter, please a little patience. It has taken me this long to reach the conclusion that a ME O/S is more trouble than worth. 

    You have seen the problems I have with it. 

  • Tanya Zhang
    Tanya Zhang wrote:

    I don't think Vista is troble. there are no differences between vista and xp

  • Colin Friedman

    Tanya, do you have Vista? No problems?


  • Zhao Feng
    Zhao Feng wrote:

    i have vista on my laptop. though it's less one year old, it often auto bluescreen, auto restarts, i have changed a hard drive but it doesn't work well.

    i'm thinking about if i should change vista into XP.

    just as Peter said, if i have enough money, i won't hesitate to take a Mac home.

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    why dont you change to linux? its free and more stable than windows but almost the same nowadays.

    if your pc is not fast enough better change to XP

  • Buddha Inside
    Buddha Inside wrote:

    I am currenty using Ubuntu Linux. It is free, really handy to use and has freaky hot 3D desktop, all that make Windows a clown.

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    well, there are also some freewares with which you can upgrade you windows desktop functions, just like what Linux or Mac can offer, so it is not about desktops when it comes to Operating System. General speaking, Vista is far more powerful and clever made than XP but it also requires more on hard ware. So if you are using a newer computer go for Vista, if it is older you will be faster with XP.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel
  • Rocky Su
    Rocky Su wrote:

    If I had to choose between XP and Vista I would definitely say MAC.

    Of course everytime I bring my Mac Laptop to China people look at it as if it was from outer space. For a China resident I would say XP. The internet in China isn't as fast as some other places so you need a faster reacting operating system to kinda help out. Vista is not in any way a fast operating system. Even with 2.8Ghz processor and 3Gb ram Vista still lags on my Windows laptop.

  • Z
    Z wrote:

    I like Vista,the interface is so beautiful,and Vista is tendency of IT currently。i bt bought a laptop few days ago,i ued vista comfortable.but i don't know that if it get virus easy?and if it get virys,shoud i use which software?well,i have no idea~

  • Bobby Chen
    Bobby Chen wrote:

    My OS suggestion is for those people who like the BOTH the music and the lyrics to the latest Axl Rose Guns N Roses new, but over a decade-impaired "zhongguominzhu" album (i only like the music, but not some of the stupid inane lyrics), DEFINITELY GO FOR WINDOWS 3.2, it'll match your love for the surreptitious meaning behind the new GnR album, AND it supports Chinese language software too!

  • Buddha Inside
    Buddha Inside wrote:

    If you aren't using internet banking for account management or stock share transactions that often( because you can run virtual machine in your OS to use either WinXP or Vista in your OS), you will feel Ubuntu is comfortable for you to use. However, the sound setup in Ubuntu sucks at this moment, but the freewares designed as the alternatives to Photoshop, Windows Media Players and loads of others make Ubuntu so sexy! And one more thing, NO VIRUS!!!! 

    Think about it!

    ERIC ZHANG wrote:

    no wonder...I'll chose MAC OS....and of course, I've been a Mac user for a long time

  • Dan
    Dan wrote:

    i dont know if anyone has ever tried the Windows7

  • Mark Ritchey
    Mark Ritchey wrote:

    i hear that people all around shanghai and beijing are already using windows 7

  • Buddha Inside
    Buddha Inside wrote:

    there is no doubt that vista is going to be 2nd WindowsME. I had a glimp on windows 7 which looks much better than vista in aspects of 3D desktop features(mostly copied from linux) and startup time and so on. But it still can not overcome some intrinsic cons its precursors had, such as disk fragment and application registry problems. anyway, I am awaiting to see windows 7 prestige.

  • Gracie-Bear
    Gracie-Bear wrote:


    hey, once you go mac, you never go back ;P

  • Matt LEE
    Matt LEE wrote:

    my os is vista x64 bundled by sony to its vaio products. the system is like a t-virus infecting me...errr...I don't want to be a vista zombie...errr....

  • Steve K
    Steve K wrote:

    vista is better at graphic but you need more RAM/memory and make your com[puter kinda slow cuz there some program to make you computer looks good,,

    i think if XP is simple and not make your computer to slow,, but for graphic i choose vista...

    but i always play online game with XP...

  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    WINDOWS 7 FTW !!!!!


  • 湛空
    湛空 wrote:



    一句话,如果windows 7还是那么愚蠢的话,继续使用XP.

  • 王朝华
  • Bincurd
    Bincurd wrote:

    Vista! not agree? Ask Gates. : )

  • Clairelee
    Clairelee wrote:

    XP ...

  • Yang Scorpio
    Yang Scorpio wrote:

    5 mins ago i just uninstalled legal edition vista and installed xp

  • Hendry Yuan
    Hendry Yuan wrote:


    XP must be

  • FlyingSolo
    FlyingSolo wrote:

    As a programmer ,I suggest Ubuntu as your OS ,It's cool

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    Using xp on one laptop and vista on another laptop, and I prefer vista. Now I`m looking forward to windows 7.

  • J Tse
    J Tse wrote:

    vista sucks

  • Helen
    Helen wrote:

    I  think these  WIndows O/S are all very  good ,but XP get more easy ,vista often  get slowy when we use it !

  • Richie
    Richie wrote:

    Microsoft is killing Vista forever. If you ever do get a chance to go to any of Microsoft offices - you will not find a trace of Vista anymore. XP is a better choice - and wait for Windows 7. Or you can try (if you dare) Windows 7 CR version... you'll be able to use it till 1st quarter of 2010 - after that windows 7 will shut down every 3 hours.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    I`m sure there is people in here who works or visits Microsoft offices regulary in here who can prove Richie wrong.

    I have`nt visited a Microsoft office for a while, but at that time all i could see was Vista.

  • Richie
    Richie wrote:

    Joakim - is there a need to prove me wrong? Don't you have anything better to do? Go back and look at the topic here... and if you really have nothing better to do, just google for information.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    Richie said: "If you ever do get a chance to go to any of Microsoft offices - you will not find a trace of Vista anymore."

    Is this true Richie?

  • Richie
    Richie wrote:

    Yes Joakim - it is true. Or will be true very soon. Transition do take a bit of time, but anyway, no vista promotions in future. Vista was a terrible mistake if it was anything. I haven't tried Windows 7 but the reports have been pretty positive - so, if u're choosing between a mac and pc, go for mac but if u're choosing an OS for pc, go for windows 7.

    You gotta have a more realistic suggestion man - when someone's asking where should i go for a good Peking duck, don't answer "go to xxx for salad".

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    "Or will be true very soon."

    So what you are saying is that its not true that MS is not using Vista themselves.

    Get your facts straight.

    Of course MS will focus their promotion on Windows 7 after its launch...

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    For personal use, I had only skipped the Millenium version, and my suggestion is to skip version!

    Started with Windows 3 ... 95 was not bad, but 98 was better ... then the Millenium version (a big step for MS before XP) and I am glad that I did not use it ...

    Windows 2000 was mainly designed for corporate use, so I am not going to count it, and next came XP! I started with the beta version in 1999 and had not given up on it yet!

    I did consider Vista, but I sort of see a pattern here, and that is to skip version. So I am waiting for my next laptop with Windows 7


  • Mike
    Mike wrote:

    My 0.02, it depends on your needs. You like a resource hog or something more streamlined? I've worked and used many OSs, used to a tech guy in an agent for HP, SONY and a bunch of other Microsoft buddy systems back in the DOS days (before Win 3.11 came out). I've also not been disappointed with Linux. But I switched to Mac OS and watched them get better over the years, will never go back to Windows. So mac rules (maybe not the unibody MBs that just came out) in particular the MBP rules when you have Virtualbox or old fashioned Boot Camp. Not to brag but I also run W7 Build 7000 on my book and just blows away most systems in terms of performance. Plus its slicker, battery lasts long, and has lots of innovative little touches to it. No virus, malware, blue screens...the list goes on but the best part is the Mac OS X 10.4 is perfectly integrated into the book making it very stable ( especially if you know what your doing). My OS prefs would go something like this, Mac> Linux> Windows....

    Back to answer your question, XP kills the Vista hog. But if you want to take it to the next level, have multiple OSs on your book depending on your needs you can just switch back and forth like I do, after you made Mac OS your primary ofcourse :)

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    a friend of mine just checked out Win7 and he was quite thrilled by it, it runs very fast he said. I am always a bit suspiscious when it comes to blood suckers like MS.

    Dont know if some of you know an OS called BeOS almost 10 years ago. It was a very nice and fast OS, unfortunately it didnt make it to become popular and died. There are still other forms of sprouts (the lates developments incl. Zeta OS, SkyOS and PhOS) of the same breed existing, a pity the choice for applications is still very limited. To me it is a much better OS then Linux, only it couldnt compete agains the countless opensource developer legion of Linux.

    Another hopeful before Win95 was IBM OS/2, more stable and better performance then Win95, never understood why MS won the battle, maybe Win95 was easier to use?

    btw, Windows has been more or less only a offset GUI on DOS until WinNT and Win2000! That is why the DOS mode has disappeart since WinXP. And MAC still today is more or less a different form of UNIX. MAC and Linux/Unix/BSD applications are so to speed actually all compatible (but you still need to do more than just copy and run).

  • Kevin
    Kevin wrote:

    linux, xp there are two of choosed if you can plan one of them.

    do not think about others if you are not a coder.

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    how much coding do you need for a MAC? certainly less than linux!

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