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  • April Gwen
    April Gwen wrote:

    do u like it?the food the culture and anything...?

    what's ur favorite place here?

  • Jully
    Jully wrote:

    its a good place where are going on  varied kinds of culture activities.every day every time every where you can feel the atmosphere of local or international culture.beijing is a wide world where nothing is strange,but unique.

  • April Gwen
    April Gwen wrote:

    nothing is strange,but unique.emmm...yeah.but as a local ppl here i dont feel unique,but i DO luv the "old beijing" atmosphere,and snack here is so yummie~~~^^

  • Zhao Peng
    Zhao Peng wrote:

    gulou area  ^^



  • April Gwen
    April Gwen wrote:

    most ppl luv there~

  • Clara T
    Clara T wrote:

     take a stroll in the morning around hutongs, and the city feels just like home 

  • Oren H
    Oren H wrote:

    Hey, I'm going to movie into beijing in august... maybe im just ignorant but isn't it disconnected from the world? I have visited in beijing 2 years ago, i just didn't seem to feel it was very international, it felt more 97% chinese and that is really freaking me out because most of them didn't speak english and i don't think i have much in common with the locals there.

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang wrote:

    Hey.... my friends, i have done several rounds research about how to post a new topic here? who can give a hand lah, thank you so much.....



  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang wrote:

    hey... Oren... Welcome to Beijing... actually, Chinese young people start to learn English from their primary school, and for the 80s or 70s, they started studying English from their middle school. As you know, English is almost the only one "official" foreign language in the education system, thus I bet you can find that it's not so difficult to find english speakers, though their wording, grammer, pronuciation or so are not developed balanced.... you can try your best to be a good communicator and be humble, since you have never paid a cent to learn Chinese like we studied English but come here to make money...:)... to be humble and friendly as our Chinese people.


    Good luck, my friend.


    Feel free to let me know if there is anything that i can do for you.


    you can reach me at Skype:  Chinakevinwang

  • Oren H
    Oren H wrote:

    thank you kevin for being kind. It really helps when a local speaks to you :) 

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    我觉得北京欢迎我 :)

  • Eric Yang
    Eric Yang wrote:

    I'm going to come back, Beijing, YEAH!!!

  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    Beijing is great. A city of tremendous variety and oppurtunity. A little difficult to get around at times, but I'm glad to be here.

     Having said that, China has a number of other amazing cities that are really worth checking out. Suzhou, Qingdao, Xian and Chengdu are all worth a visit.


  • Eve
    Eve wrote:

    beijing is getting more and more international, which is pisitive cuz we ll have the opportunities to know more different cultures and meet more ppl. but for some reason i think lots of old, good local conventions have been left out. something is losing.

    i dont know, maybe i'm way too old-fashioned.

  • Blackpeony
    Blackpeony wrote:

    Bad memory of nearlly 6y, too many ppl, no fresh air all day long, low salary(maybe just meself). aslo some happiness left here.

  • wrote:


    What you said is true.

    Therefore, the best way is to change yourself, to adapt to the life here and to make more money, which is the most important task for most people in this city. It is not easy to live a decent life in the capital for most people here O(∩_∩)O~


    8 hours ago

    Bad memory of nearlly 6y, too many ppl, no fresh air all day long, low salary(maybe just meself). aslo some happiness left here.

  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:

    Beijing is awesome

  • 汐草
    汐草 wrote:

    Shane Mc Manus

    我觉得北京欢迎我 :)



  • Hill M
    Hill M wrote:


  • Cloris WANG
    Cloris WANG wrote:

    well....Beijing is very Beijing..........

  • Carissa
    Carissa wrote:

    beijing is the first place to start my dreams, i love here. i work in beijing and i will stay in this city

  • 李阳
    李阳 wrote:


    老是走在路上 感觉哪里很烂很烂



  • Warren
    Warren wrote:

    Beijing is unique, both as a national and cultural capital and a megacity, but also it's ancient and recent  history. Beijing is a thriving city that is continuously evolving. Sure, living here has it's problems too, but what city doesn't. I embace the diversity and differences that exist side by side in Beijing.

  • Buddha Inside
    Buddha Inside wrote:

    I was a guy designed, produced and programmed in beijing (lol), so Beijing means loads for me. However, I am thousands of miles away from Beijing at this moment, I can still recall a lot about beijing such as flying pigeons on the winter morning, hutong most of which have gone, and Yang Hua (a tiny piece of cardboard paper normally has images of different ghosts, fairies and transformers on it. When you play that with your mate,  you both need to put one on the floor. The one using the Yang Hua with the image of more powerful ghosts or fairies on it will be the first one to slap Yang Hua to make it turn around. The one making both Yang Hua trun around in one go will win the game. The prize is loser's Yang Hua! Trust me mates, it is fun! )

  • 王新国
    王新国 wrote:

    I come from the south, could not adapt the dry climate

  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong wrote:

    I do agree with the up floor guy !

  • JC
    JC wrote:

    Beijing is a very beautiful place, but the weather is toooooo cold and dry in winter...

  • Annabel Xu
    Annabel Xu wrote:

    Shane Mc Manus

    4 weeks ago

    我觉得北京欢迎我 :)

    Hill M

    3 weeks ago




    哈哈 这两人太逗了。

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:


  • Curthik
    Curthik wrote:

     No words can express how I love this city, because thats the place I was born........

  • Soniya
    Soniya wrote:

    Here ?How  can I  describe my  feeling.  love  here but  sometimes  really  hate  here  ......so  much  pressures,  unfair  experience, conflict  between  new  and  traditional  culture  and  life  style,  excessively  competition......so  ,I  love  there  and  also  have  some  experience  wasn't  very  good ......hoho.

  • 王子墨
    王子墨 wrote:


  • Snowy Guo
    Snowy Guo wrote:

    cool city..............i love bj.................

  • Shuo
    Shuo wrote:

    Shane Mc Manus

    6 weeks ago

    我觉得北京欢迎我 :)



    Hill M

    5 weeks ago




  • Raymond J
    Raymond J wrote:

    I would say Beijing is so FABULOUS and EXCITING!!!  compared with BJC, even NYC is so boring. But it's true taht we still have a lot of things need to improve, like we say "software"

  • Snowy Guo
    Snowy Guo wrote:

    i agree............^^

    we will improve the software soon..............

  • Feifei
    Feifei wrote:

    love love love beijing much much better than other places

    whatever how crowed it is, I still love this gorgeous place so so so much

    welcome to beijing~~~~

  • Judy
    Judy wrote:

    Love the old things here,loving houhai and also like the countryside of Beijing,

  • 天蓬元帥
    天蓬元帥 wrote:

    I love BJ crazily after stayed 3 years... want to make it as my permanent place to live with.. =)

    Good food, good place, excellent traditional construction and very nice Disco.... haha...

    是不是这里的人都愛打英文的...  I just ask, no special meaning.. =)

  • Judy
    Judy wrote:

    Cos though we are Chinese,  our english is pretty good, so love using english!!hehe

  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    A city for all

  • Soul
    Soul wrote:

    BJ is cool,i mean it is cool as many other cities.But food,no doubt my home's is best(Shunde,Guangdong )definitely!!


  • Echo
    Echo wrote:

    crowed !!

     the weather is not very well. i don't like it.

    but the culture and old stories of BJ are very funny. i like them!

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    BJ is my hometown and it is great. traffic could be better though

  • Zhuxiaohu
    Zhuxiaohu wrote:


  • BLUE
    BLUE wrote:

    TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    Sherly, I really like your metaphor!

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    With its population as much as the whole of Australia, Beijing is definitely different, if not unique ... anyway, just sticking to the questions:
    1. No
    2. Far too many restaurants serving HOT dishes from hu-nan and si-chuan
    3. home

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    I am guessing you like Hugh Grant? And since you have asked so nicely, then I wont tell you.

    No, I dont really have a choice but stay in Beijing ... and I am glad that you liked the drunkards and spiders in Australia.

    As for your last question ... 我是中国人,我当然懂中文,普通话说的不好,广东话倒是没有问题.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    I made that guess because I saw you wrote "hugh population" instead of "huge population" ...

    Hahaha ... "have you well educated"? I am very sorry, but I did not have much education, otherwise, I am sure I would have written such excellent English ...

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahaha ... like I had said, I did not have very good education, so I cannot say I make any good speech ... as for yours, well, never mind ...

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:


  • 金秋子
    金秋子 wrote:

    I have many Korean friends so I know Beijing is very famous in the world.Not only it is the capital of China---Forbidden City,but also it is the center of China .And it is a big community for foreigners ,just like here---We live in Beijing community bloc......it is different from other city ,there is also has a lot of historical places for tourists to visit~I live in Beijing for many years ,I love Beijing very much .Welcome to Beijing~

  • Pomatree
    Pomatree wrote:

    Shino, dont stop the speech for any purpose, stupid courses. come back to the forum. W

  • Jimmychin
    Jimmychin wrote:
    I love here for girls. wow! only a joke. I love chinese culture.
  • NN
    NN wrote:

    I have never been to Beijing yet(err..dont be confused then WHY IM HERE IN THIS SITE? ^^ )But just love beijing so so so so so much ... hehe

    What attracted me is the culture there,the food,also the very very fabulous Beijing accent mandarin,just like what I have heard a lot on MTV channel 倍棒 hahahahahaha

    Beijing is a city with double characters CLASSICAL and MODERN

    But just too larget to go around,I think so

  • Stan
    Stan wrote:

    Beijng sucks

  • Serena Wang
    Serena Wang wrote:

    Love it. Cause it got everything I want here: friends, colleges,good companies, nice parks and lots of events,etc.

  • 蝈蝈
    蝈蝈 wrote:


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