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  • Ganier Sandra
    Ganier Sandra wrote:

    Hi everyone,

    I studied in BLCU for one year and now I'm a consultant for a french headhunting company in Beijing.

    We are only working with big multinational companies and we have positions mainly in IT, Telecom, Luxury and Energy.

    We are looking for Chinese candidates as well as Foreigners. For example, now we are currently looking for an English native IT Marketing Manager and several Chinese software engineers, sales supervisors, etc.

    Well, if ever you are currently looking for a job in those industries then send me your resume at: sandra.ganier@bmuconsulting.com

    Hope I can help you !




  • Neil Hartley
    Neil Hartley wrote:

    I've sent you an email Sandra.  




  • Ray
    Ray wrote:

    Hi Sandra,

    Are you hiring actuaries by any chance?



  • LAW Cheng
    LAW Cheng wrote:


    for which french headhunting company do you work? I'm French in Paris and I would like to find a job in  beijing or everywhere in  China~

    Post available?


  • Anthony Shao
    Anthony Shao wrote:

    good post!

    i do think it is time for me to change a better job, but i dont know if you could suitable position for me,

    i will try to send out my resume to you.

    WUWEI wrote:

    hi,  what problem you confronting makes you to resign in such a short time .I probably  could  help you If you have some problems about searching a suitable flat around wangfujin street. Wish you have a good luck.

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