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  • Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei wrote:


    You might think it's really hard to learn Chinese.  You might think it's really hard to understand Chinese people and its culture.  You might on the edge of 
    giving up learning Chinese.
    Well, don't do that!!!
    Maybe I can help!
    Daisy's Mandrine Private Class:   40 RMB/ class.(50 minutes)
    Here is something about me.
    Name:              Zhang Wei (Daisy)
    Age:               22
    University:        Communication University of China  (Chao Yang)
    Major:             English  &  Advertising
    Chinese level:     Native speaker; perfect mandrine;  know a lot about Chinese culture.
    English level:     fluent in both oral and writen English.
    If you want to know more about it, or have any question, email me at zhang_wei_1@live.cn.

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