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Live/Work/Study in China: Do not Get Scammed!!

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 29. Nov 2013

This is a continuation of the common-scams in China series I started earlier...
Scam # 3: Rickshaw Scam

Some first-time overseas tourists or even domestic travelers visiting the big cities in china e.g Beijing, Shanghai etc fall into the traps of some seemingly “humble rickshaw drivers”.
For example, let’s say, you and a rickshaw driver agree on
a price of RMB 40 for a pedicab ride. While you are on
the ride the price suddenly changes to RMB400!.
The rickshaw driver will pretend to be ignorant and he will
pull out a laminated price list and say it is 400 yuan instead of 40 yuan. When unsure, it is better take a taxi than a pedicab.

Below are a few places in Beijing that this scam is common:
1) Rickshaw Scam at the North Gate of Forbbiden CityThere are two entrances to the Forbidden City – the south gate
( Meridian Gate – Wumen) and north gate
( Gate of Divine – Shenwu Men). The south gate is linked
to Tiananmen Square to the south. You have to enter
Forbidden City from its south gate and exit from its northern gate,
which is officially set as a one-way south to north travel route.
Make sure you are taken by your taxi to the south entrance of Forbidden City
(better yet, take the subway line 1 – its very nice and very cheap!).
Don’t ever take a Rickshaw at the north gate of Forbidden City unless you
feel like getting lost and extorted.
So if you visit Forbidden City by getting to a wrong gate (north gate),
don’t use a local rickshaw to get back to the south gate, just walk to the right gate
(south gate). For the same reason, if you exit from the north gate after
visiting Forbidden City, don’t use a rickshaw for your next place.
2) Rickshaw scams also occur at the entrance to the “Legend of Jinsha”
which is performed at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium in Beijing.
3) Rickshaw
scams could occur at other places in Beijing and other cities. Be Vigilant!

Scam #4: “Black” Taxis
When arriving at the airport, keep away from the taxi
drivers who approach you in the terminal or outside the terminal as they
will charge you much more than the actual price. Just following the sign
pointing to the taxi line just outside the terminal. Taxi drivers should use
their meter; make sure that the driver puts down the flag.
Taking a taxi from
the airport to the downtown Beijing costs just over RMB 100 plus
RMB 5 toll fee.
Beijing legitimate taxi license plates will begin with the “Beijing B”
otherwise it is possibly a black taxi!
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