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Live/Work/Study in China: Do not Get Scammed!!

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 13. Nov 2013

My next few posts will be on a few scams either me or my friends have fallen victim to at one point or another during my stay in China either as I work, live and study in China. It may never happen to you but it could especially when you are new here and sometimes you will not even see it coming.
Some may be harmless or may only cost you a little money but some may be dangerous or easily escalate into situations you would rather not find yourself in especially in a foreign land.

Scam # 1: Tea Scam
At some famous tourist areas, you will be approached by one or three attractive females or gentlemen, who are willing to have a natural and nice talk with you or even give you a free tour of
hutongs(traditional Chinese homes/courtyards). She or he will talk about the interesting
tourist sites in Beijing, or talk about the culture or history of your home country and even world affairs!
Then if everything goes smoothly, they invite you to a traditional Chinese teashop or tea ceremony. You get to the teashop,drink different kinds of tea, they would ask what your favorite teas are and all seems well. The scam starts when it comes time to pay the bill Lo and behold, you find that the tea you drunk apparently costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Simply don’t go for it!
To make the tea scam more natural, they would even offer to split the bill and you will even see them pay their part. It is a scam!
In Beijing, it mostly happens in the central part of Beijing mainly, especially around Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the surroundings.
If you find yourself in this situation just pay what you think you owe which shouldn't even go over 100yuan(about 15$) and leave.

Scam # 02: “Art Student” Scam
Usually at some big tourist sites or public transport hubs: you may be approached by some young man/woman disguised as an "art student" They offer you a free tour of an art show. Thus begins the “Art Student” scam.
They will even take you to an art shop selling all kinds of “artsy” stuff.
This is just a waste of time. You can easily find these art pieces on the market anywhere for dirt cheap. They sell the same “art” at exorbitant prices.
Simply walk away from them.
It happens mainly at tourist sites and public transport hubs They are good actors(actresses) indeed.
To the Chinese locals, they would claim to be job hunters and/or
penniless; to overseas travelers they say they are art students. They are usually very properly dressed and can easily fool the unsuspecting traveler.

Article compiled by, Danielle Russell

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