for one year china visa to pay attention about this questions

Posted by catherine on 14. Okt 2013

We have been provided china visa service for many foreigners.

But today there is one customers say that he heard will have some problem if do the china visa in china.

Well,i want to explain the problem.

My customer say that someone after they got the china visa in china,when he left china have problem,because when he out of china not use the old visa ,and when come into china not use the new visa.

For this problem,we always tell the customer to do like this,if you got the china visa in china,i mean to got a china visa without leaving china,when your present holding visa expired,then you will use the old visa to come out of china,and after that you will come into china with new visa.and then the new visa you got in china will come into effect.

So if you have been got the china visa without leaving china,then when the old visa expired,you will come out of china with old visa page,after come into china again will use the new visa page,and the new visa you got from china will come into effect.

Also if you have any other visa problem or confused,welcome to contact me,and will be very glad to solve the problem for you.

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