Private Business Mandarin course at Mandarin Plus sanlitun campus

Posted by mandarin-plus on 28. Sep 2013

Our Business Mandarin course is designed for people who work in Beijing or cooperate with Chinese people. It allows you to learn specific terms used in the business field or any industry specific field of your choice.

By taking this course, you will:

nBe able to converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics.

nUnderstand and be understood by native Chinese speakers and know the Chinese etiquette in business

nRead simple articles and written pieces.

WHEN: Flexible timetables to suit your schedule

WHERE: Mandarin Plus Culture & Language Center (sanlitun SOHO B1-535)

Directions: Enter the main entrance of Sanlitun SOHO and go downstairs. Stay out and keep straight all the way to the sinking square. You will see us next to the south stairs.

Tel: 010-56190190



Mandarin Plus offers academically rigorous language programs in Chinese and English with a curriculum designed to maximize second-language acquisition and foster a better understanding between cultures.

Our staff and teachers are experienced education professionals who create a dynamic, warm and safe learning environment for students. In addition to attending language classes, students are welcome to join our many cultural activities including weekly movie nights, themed events and local tours.

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