​Self-storage rental fees

Posted by fiona on 23. Sep 2013

Your rental fee will vary depending on duration, size, and special requirements. Self-storage facilities can be rented weekly, monthly, or annually. When signing a rental contract, you may be asked to leave a deposit. A deposit should be refunded when you remove your items from storage, but make sure you understand the exact requirements for receiving a refund in full.

Note the procedure for terminating your rental contract. Most self-storage facilities require advance notice if you want to end your contract. Some companies will reimburse you for unused rental time, and some may keep your pre-paid rent. Also understand how and when your rental facility can terminate your contract. Non-payment or late payment is one of the many reasons a rental company can evict you, and it is important to know how your possessions will be handled in the unlikely event you are evicted.


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