The Lifeguard

Posted by Ruby on 21. Sep 2013

Accidentally, I found this movie.

She is messed up, sleeping with her boss, writing something she should not, and escaped from city life to her little town. Just being herself, she messed up her friend's life as well. Not sure if it is her fault or her friend's fault. As well as her mother's.

Not a super great movie, but I liked it. Especially the scene which shows the lovely life she and her little "boyfriend" are ending. That love story kind of made me jealous. Sounds a bit silly, but I really feel the high school sweet-hearts again. The discovery of the Garden of Eden, the irregular heart beat when seeing each other, the secret of avoiding parents' / teachers' questions... everything. Call me nostalgic or something... I just like it.

So The Lifeguard for everybody.


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