What cannot be store in self storage

Posted by fiona on 30. Aug 2013

You cannot put your animals or plants into self storage. Even though you do have access any time the storage facility is open, it's illegal to keep an animal in your storage unit. Living plants also can't be stored in self storage, first because they're classified as a living thing, and second because they attract insects and pests.

Food items can't be put into self storage because of the likelihood that they will attract vermin. Boxed goods can be sought out by vermin, and perishable foods not only attract vermin but will spoil and cause odor and mess problems. Canned food might be an exception you'll have to check with the self storage company you plan on using if you want to store cans, to make sure it's allowed.

For the following items, you'll need to check with your self storage provider and read the contract carefully, as some allow the items and some don't.

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