Long Term Self-Storage Options in koala

Posted by fiona on 23. Mai 2013

Self storage is any type of storage that you do yourself. It is a catch-all term that includes just about all types of storage. Other common phrases are mini-storage, storage, public storage etc.

•Mini storage these storage units are about the size of a household room. They may be as small as a 5 x 5 closet, the size of a small room or even up to the size of a two car garage.

•Storage rental refers to the storage unit you are renting.

•Vehicle storage is storage for your car or vehicle. If you have an antique car, classic car or an extra vehicle this is the place to store it.

•Long-term storage is just what the name implies. Whether you need to store for a few seasons or a year or more this is the place.

Storage unit or facility refers to the individual room or cubical space that is available for rent. Storage units come in everything from mini-units to tractor-trailer size spaces. They can be climate controlled, delivered and set up on your property to be rented from a storage facility. No matter what space you rent the term storage unit can apply.

•Climate control storage offers heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. This makes it easier for you sort through your belongings that are being stored. It can also provide better protection for previously hard-to-store items such as documents or pianos.


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