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Posted by fiona on 20. Mai 2013

Select Storage Room Size

Whether you need to store a few items or the contents of an entire apartment, Koala Self Storage has an affordable space for your valuable items. Our Web site provides detailed information about room and locker sizes to help you make the best choice. Not sure which size you need? Consult our knowledgeable staff or consult remover. Then select your space from our wide variety of storage rooms and lockers. Koala Self Storage offers:

•      Secure private storage spaces - use your own lock and key

•      Neat clean environment

•      Humidity or climate control storage spaces

•      Convenient location


Get The Price

A range of monthly rates for storage rooms and lockers is included on our Web site. Once you decide on the size of storage space you would like to rent, simply contact us by telephone or e-mail for an exact rate quote. Keep in mind that there are no access fees at any of our locations.


  • Kelesias

    "Move into storage unit"? You mean, living in a storage unit? Wow, looks even worse than dixiashi...

    20 May 2013
  • fiona

    no, Individual Storage Corporate Storage Choose Koala! Koala... ... makes moving homes easy Has your apartment been vacant for a while because the potential tenant does not like your furniture? Have you sold your home and the moving dates haven't quite matched up? Whichever way, Koala can provide a flexible, secure, convenient one-stop solution for you.

    20 May 2013
  • Kelesias

    Well, I was obviously joking. :D

    20 May 2013

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