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May 10th, 2013 

"UK's acid techno legend MIKE DRED to headline Black Eyeliner party at Dada Beijing, Friday, May 10, 2013."

Tickets are 30 RMB at the door.

Mike Dred, Acid Techno pioneer and master of the Roland TB- 303 Bass Line synthesizer, will be touching down in Beijing to headline for Dada Beijing’s premier dark music monthly Black Eyeliner ("Beijing's Hippest DJ Trio") on 10th May-Save the date! 

In what represents a first for China, Mike’s inaugural introduction to the increasingly assertive domestic techno and experimental electronic scene, is certain to shake Beijing’s alternative epicentre, Gulou, to the bones with a DJ set representing an accumulation of skills and expertise over 20 years beginning with the birth of the UK Acid Techno scene in the mid-80s. 

Complementing the Black Eyeliner Trio’s Sound Spade, Attacks Unicorns and DJ Ost, as well as a guest appearance from the creator of Dada Michael Michael, expect to see an array of underground electro, dark wave, post punk, industrial and coldwave sounds pumping out heavy bass lines and twisted melodies in the run up to a tour de force of UK Acid Techno from arguably the single biggest influence on the genre. Mike Dred, AKA the “Jimi Hendrix of the 303”, an “Acid (music) Genius” (The Rough Guide to Techno) Kosmik Kommando, Machines Codes, Chimera, DJ Judge Dred and Space Avenger, has a profile to make the pretenders weep.

Mike Dred’s love affair with electronic composition dates back to his youth when, sticking his fingers into a plug socket and electrocuting himself, the force of the current threw him across the room. From that moment on, the power of the synthetic and electronic were abundantly clear to him. In his own words, Mike needed to “step off the computer timeline, stand up, move my body and reach out to feel the electricity… feel those voltages and take control of them”. A spontaneous approach to creating synthetic sounds and a dedication to harnessing the true power of the digital domain with real-time spectral synthesis tools has been a defining feature of his work ever since. 

Mike Dred enjoys acclaim and association with the fathers of the genre: Aphex Twin, Mathew Herbert, Luke Vibert and Dave Clarke, and was the first artist to release material on the trailblazing, independent and vehemently anti-commercial record label, Rephlex, which he helped establish with Richard D. James and Grant Wilson-Claridge. 

And if that isn’t enough to get your analogue and synthetic juices flowing, Mike Dred is also the alleged creator, in collaboration with Aphex Twin, of arguably the most collectable releases in the history of Acid Techno: the Blue, Yellow, Red, Green series Universal Indicator. 

A true original and pioneer: Mike Dred with Black Eyeliner. 10th May, Dada.

206 Gulou Dongdajie, Beijing, China (Below Temple Bar)



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