Posted by Ruby on 19. Apr 2013

Yes Yes Yes!!!

I am so excited to watch season after season, episode after episode, of those newbies to become stronger and stronger, and eventually became the American's next Top Model. It is so inspirational to see such show, Tyra Banks did a great job! Well, except the drama in the girls' is such a mess, such a terrible thing to know. 

However, some of the top models really convinced me, like the one in Cycle 14 and Cycle 18...but some of them ... I am not quite convinced. I never knew that to be a model can be that hard. It is not all about being beautiful and having a great body...but also posing in a high fashion way and showing it naturally...when feeling uncomfortable. Isn't it weird that it is difficult to make beautiful photos with beautiful face and body? 

One concept that Tyra spreads is "Ugly Beauty"! I personally like the idea very much. It is about the whole picture, and how a model interfere with other stuff in the picture besides her/his beauty; sometimes you have to deliver a message to other people by being "ugly", but at the same time harmonious and high fashion, it can be a message to the women who got raped before, to show them that they can be stronger; it can be a message to the disabled people, to show them that they can be beautiful and to encourage them to face their lives more positive.

Ugly Beauty is probably the best way of resonating with common people. When people grew up in a very difficult and poor environment, they lost their confidence, same as those who had bad experiences in life. Through the Ugly Beauty pictures, they can know that there are people who are exactly like them and still can be beautiful and have confidence to stand out. 

Tyra is such a delightful person who not only encourage but also inspire people to use their potential, she touches people's souls, she is coaching, directing, interfering, supporting every single model. Well, sure, it is about being beautiful, and presentable and looking good. Sounds a bit shallow, but that's what makes the fashion industry a moving art. Who doesn't want to look good? Who doesn't want to be presentable? Who doesn't want to be beautiful? Sure there are people who think they are cool, and they don't care, because there are a lot of other important things to care about. Good, I respect that, but I also bet that those people never tried hard to be beautiful and never felt the feeling of being eyed when they walk into a crowd, a bit like AQ. 

Nowadays, everything is more difficult than 20 years ago. People are more and more diversity; goods are better and better developed; standards of everything are higher and higher...same as ANTM show, it gets harder in each new season. Now there are 19 seasons, and all of them are females, so on the coming season, there will be half of male newbies joining. I am so looking forward to it, and for sure it's gonna be fun! 


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