Posted by Ruby on 21. Mar 2013


I am blogging again, here, obviously. 

Recently, I am not in a very bright mood, because of some personal stuff. Not much to say about it, makes me sad every time even when I think about it. Shit happens! I got to take them or be taken. Prefer the former. Anyway, friends are back there supporting me, family is as usual warmly welcoming me whenever I feel like to go back, of course I don't want to go back, just saying. So, I'm OK. 

Previously, I thought that to fully focus on my career was a brilliant idea, and kept going like that. Didn't turn out right! Again, shit happens! Felt stupid. Then, I tried to fully focus on my personal life, and tried to cooperate with it and all, but didn't turn out right either! Felt stupid. After all of those, I started to wonder...everything...but there is no answer to them. There is no answer to anything. And do I really need one? I don't know. 

A wise person used to tell me that life is like riding a bicycle, you have to keep on moving to keep it balanced. I think I am not a hundred percent agree with it, because we still need to fill the tire to keep on moving. Now I think that my tires are filled enough for a long ride, I will see what can I pick alongside. 


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