SOUNDSPADE (Black Eyeliner) & GINGER KITTEN Featured with METRO TOKYO & Friends III - Friday, February 8 @ Dada, Beijing, 10pm, FREE

Posted by BLACK EYELINER | 黒眼线 on 3. Feb 2013

FakeLoveMusic presents: METRO TOKYO & Friends III – 

Get Close, Get Hot, Get Love featuring:


Friday, February 8 @ Dada, Beijing, 10pm, FREE

GINGER KITTEN will warm the floor with the best from his retrolicious recordcollection, SOUNDSPADE (Bacon) from BLACK EYELINER will turn up the happy techno bass and METRO TOKYO will spin the (nu-)disco and house ball for you. JESUS or some other guy might or might not make an unexpected appearance.

And the mission to become the most famous blonde DJ in all of China continues… After two parties and abusing a couple of his friendships with some of Asia´s most fun DJs and Beijings most intoxicating music luminaries like MICKEY ZHANG, ALEX CHOW, NEVIN DOMER, WANG GE, FLOOOD, BOFLEX and DIEGO MACARENA Metro Tokyo once again found some innocent victims to chain behind the DJ booth of his infamous DONGCHENG DISCO.

Add TOKYO´s special friend Tequila to the equation and this night has all the potential to become legendary a complete mess, with incredibly drunken people having loads of fun and getting laid tons of love! GET CLOSE , GET HOT, GET LOVE!!

Metro Tokyo 成为中国最著名金发DJ的任务继续进行着……在两场派对之后,他顺利地滥用了一段段友谊,挖来了各路好友,包括亚洲最有趣、北京最激动人心的音乐先锋,比如 MICKEY ZHANG, ALEX CHOW, NEVIN DOMER, WANG GE, FLOOOD, BOFLEX 以及 DIEGO MACARENA。这一次他也毫无例外地找来了几位好友,绑在东城区老地方Dada Bar的DJ台后。

GINGER KITTEN会先用他复古的唱片收藏热起场子,来自Black Eyeliner 黑眼线团队的SOUNDSPADE会带来一些愉快的techno bass,Metro Tokyo本人会为你甩出(nu-)disco和house

和Tequila一起加入Metro Tokyo和朋友们的派对吧,靠近,升温,找到爱!


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