Event Profile: Hot & Cold Album Release Show

Posted by / / / \ \ \ on 1. Sep 2010

BEIJING, SEPT 1 -- The freshly minted Pangbianr label's first official release, Building 2 by Hot & Cold, is stepping out Sunday, September 5th at What Bar in the form of (what else?) a release show.

The dynamic 4-band lineup will include Chuiwan (吹万), Birdstriking, Nakoma, and Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong (小红与小小红).

Chuiwan's challenging-yet-satiating medley of synth, tight bass, plodding drums and free sax; Birdstriking's effortless summoning of scrappy guitar explosives; Nakoma's unique instrumental metal and 小红与小小红's experimental electronics (coming from the mastermind of D22's Zoomin' Night) are on track for a ripping show.

All proceeds from the dirt cheap 10 RMB entry go to the bands.

You can find more info at the event listing on Pangbianr's website.


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