Martin Eyerer is Back!

Posted by Mu Dirty Dishes on 3. Jun 2010




Martin Eyerer(德国)

2010年6月4日 周五 9点-6点

当Martin Eyerer用音乐讲述故事的时候,每个人都会侧耳倾听。欢迎来到Martin的演出现场,听他用音乐讲述他游历各国、遭遇地球每个角落不同种族舞客、乃至乘坐出租车穿越巴西丛林时的疯狂经历。

即使你身处一个遥远的国度,当他架设起他的数位DJ系统,并以绝妙一曲开头,用他无与伦比的electro-tech house作为国际语言开始与你对话,你会感到愉悦的律动贯穿每个毛孔,你将无法抗拒在Martin面前跳舞欲望。

Martin对音乐热情是如此明显,以至于他时常被人误以为是一个刚刚开始DJ的新手。然而,众所周知,Martin Eyerer乃是一个拥有20年经验的世界顶尖DJ和电子音乐制作人、厂牌老板、电台节目制作人。即使他已经是两个孩子的父亲,但仍然拥有令人难以置信的驱动舞池的巨大能量。

这已经是Martin Eyerer第三次造访中国,我们无比荣幸的迎接他的归来!敬请期待他再次震撼白兔的舞池吧!

Supporting DJS: Yang Bing, Donald Summer  9pm-6am

When Martin Eyerer tells a story, everybody listens. Martin reports of his journeys throughout the continents, telling stories of wild escapades in a taxi across the Brazilian jungle through to the impressions of Earth's capitals and the colourful array of citizens that inhabit them, and obviously of his many Gigs in these foreign lands. Those foreign places quickly become familiar territory when he sets up his digital DJ-system and starts to play that thumping first track because what he plays is groovy Electro-Tech House and the sound is a world language of its own that is euphorically absorbed through sweaty pores and pumping glands.

His passion is eminently clear when he starts to talk about his experiences and such is his passion and enthusiasm for the music that one could easily think it was all totally new to him. But it isn't. Martin Eyerer has been a DJ for 20 years - and just as many years a producer, label owner, radio show producer. Throw in his two young children and it seems that the energy never leaves his side. This is the 3rd time Martin Eyerer visits China and we are just as excited to have him come over again to rock the White Rabbit dancefloor that he knows so well.



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