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Posted by Mu Dirty Dishes on 12. Mai 2010


 Quality street is a creative team  dedicated to  coloring up the grey walls of Beijing and  bringing the freshness and boldness of Street art into interior surroundings. Quality street can be found everywhere. Hutongs, art gallaries,clubs, on the street and local shops. Now located in their new giant mural which is 14 meters high at Yihouse in 798 district!

go find it!  here are some tips! most important: bring your camera!

Quality Street has composed two murals for the up and coming Yi House boutique hotel, bringing a flavor of contemporary street art onto the walls of this industrial-chic landmark. The artworks show a good result of Quality street graffiti background mixed with their interpretation of the hotel’s style: a blend of western modernism and Asian elements, a mix between urbanity and poetry.

In the entrance corridor wall, they have composed a sort of storytelling which unveils itself alongside the 30 meters wall, like a scroll or a parchment. Using various techniques and materials (spray paint and acrylic paint) and different aesthetics, propaganda art and Chinese print art mixed with his own illustrative post graffiti style, quality street has  incorporated various feelings inside the composition, fluidity and lightness represented by liquid, feathers and trees which contrasts with the black bricks wall and the industrial surrounding.

The second mural is painted onto the walls of the warehouse of Yi House’s backyard. It represents a massive picture of a modern city with its feeling of crowdedness and hustling activity. This piece is an ode to the city, and a reference to the industrial nature of 798 Art district where Yi House is located. It is visible from the rooms of the hotel and gives the guests an original visual perspective. This giant piece is a mix of spray and acrylic paint. The geometric forms of the buildings shapes are melt together with illustrative details, windows, tubes and stencil characters that evocate human trace in the city life.

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