Keep On Dancing Vol.6

Posted by Mu Dirty Dishes on 26. Feb 2010

Keep On Dancing (KOD) is the largest world-wide hip-hop event in Asia, and regarded as one of the three biggest international hip-hop dance events around the world together with BOTY in Germany and UK-BBOY. One of the highlights of KOD was that all the referees invited were among the best hip-hop dancers and masters, including Link, the choreographer of Michael Jackson, and Pete, the choreographer of Black Eyed Peas, and the members from the renowned EB group.

DJ: Live Talk Box Fingazz Snoopy Dogg (us), DJ Gogashi (jp)

DJ Batsu (jp), DJ Tee (jp)

Referee: Brian Green (us), Tony Gogo (us), Legend (us), Mr.Wiggles (us),

Loose Joint (us), Bboy Kazuhiro (jp), Greg Campbellock (us),

Jr.Boogal (us), Yokol (jp), Don Campbellock (us), Bboy Ynot (us)

Battle Guest

Kid Boogie (us), Kite (jp), Jingxing Huang (cn), Zheng Huang (cn),

Jie Xiao & Yazi (cn), Bitter Box Sisters (jp), Yoshie (jp), Maika (jp), Ziqi Wang (cn)

Top 9 Crew (rus), Supernaguralz Crew (ca), Sto Crew (cn)

Feb.26: Preliminary

Feb.27: Final World Poppin Team VS Chinese Poppin Team

Feb.28: Group Dance Final

When : Feb 26th, 1pm
Starts Feb 26th , ends Feb 28th daily
Where : Olympic Sports Center
Contact  6417-7845; 400-610-3721

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