White Rabbit March parties!

Posted by Mu Dirty Dishes on 23. Feb 2010

Every Tuesday

“East Is Pink”(gay night)  Free Entry   9pm-4am
cocktails (2 for the price of one from 9pm til 12am) and nibble on tasty tapas (5 RMB each) as the White Rabbit takes on a pink hue every Tuesday...

Every Wednesday

“yellow 黄”  Free entry   9pm-4am
Imagine a weekly night painted YELLOW by ben huang and a selection of guest DJs,
Offering solace in a set of electro-downbeat grooves,with a lil funk and minimal splashed in for good measure.Friends and good drinks make the experience just that much more enjoyable.Every Wednesday,come join the YELLOW fun at white rabbit!

Every Thursday

“Underground disco project”  (ladies night)  Free entry  9pm-4am
33 45 Underground disco project is a night for new and old djs to mix together and just have fun with music. The night will have up to 5 djs every night. Some of them you have probably seen before but there will be some new exciting faces. 

2010-03-05  FRI
White Rabbit presents “Rhythm & Sound”Mark Ernestus(Rhythm & Sound / Basic Channel / Maurizio / Main Street Records / Burial Mix)Tikiman(Rhythm & Sound / Burial Mix / False Tured) 70rmb   21pm-6am
For the March edition of Sub-Culture we are very excited and honored to be joined by Mark Ernestus, one half of the legendary duo Basic Channel aka Maurizio aka Rhythm & Sound –  and long time Rhythm and Sound collaborator Tikiman aka Paul St. Hilaire.

2010-03-06 SAT
White Rabbit Night  50rmb after12   9pm-6am
DJs:Zhi Qi,Will,Mickey Zhang


2010-03-12 FRI
White Rabbit Night  50rmb after12   9pm-6am
DJs:Yang Bing,X.Lee,Eddie Lv


2010-03-13 SAT
Syndicate 6th anniversary   Entry 50rmb  9pm-6am
a night of your fav drum n bass sound in Beijing!  DRUM AND BASS IS BACK!


2010-03-19 FRI
White Rabbit presents  BRETT JOHNSON (US) abels: Freerange, Classic, Fabric( London )
70rmb  9pm-6am
Work that not only satisfies his musical needs but he feels also scratches a much needed itch in the world. Having a DJ career that nearly covers 2 decades Brett has gained the experience and musical knowledge to be considered a "DJ's DJ". Like his productions his DJ sets are not bound by any genres.


2010-03-20 SAT
White Rabbit presents
 Jue | Music + Art presents Glasgow Electronic Act  Optimo  China Tour
70rmb  9pm-6am

The Skinny calls Optimo "still one of Scotland's best and most charismatic nights" and awards it a "shiny gold star." In another article from the same magazine, the Optimo DJs were described as having a "special talent for mixing every genre under the sun."


2010-03-26 FRI
White Rabbit Night    50rmb after12   9pm-6am
DJs : Yang Bing, Zhi Qi ,Ou Yang

2010-03-27 SAT
Swedish Fish (the last Saturday of every month)  50rmb after12   9pm-6am
The pairing of the prolific DJs Patrick Yu (ABCDJ, 5 Star Sound) and Donald Summer (White Rabbit) will bring a storming party of pure house bliss. Beijing has been aching for a house club as of late, and now it has arrived with a battle of house DJs. This night will prove to be the start of something special, so get on your dancing shoes and make your way over to the Rabbit Hole.



 每周二 The EAST Is Pink,同性爱之夜.
优质半价鸡尾酒(买一送一直至午夜12点),5元异域美味小吃,让你彻底陶醉在甜美,狂野, ,昧味的粉红色星期二之夜!

每周三 “yellow 黄”

每周四 “Underground disco project”  (ladies night女士购买酒水整晚买一送一)
33 45 地下舞者将从三月开始每周四的活动,届时我们将邀请北京及国内的优秀的dj来一起切磋技艺,我们将会每次安排5位dj演出,其中你会发现一些另你兴奋的新面孔,希望你在舞池里感受到新老dj碰撞出来的热情,让我们在每周四晚的白兔一起走起来!

03-05 星期五 White Rabbit presents 特别推荐 “Rhythm & Sound”  门票70
白兔三月首场巨献-来自德国知名Dub,techno厂牌basic channel及rhythm&sound的核心力量/德国音乐界传奇人物mark ernestus和rhythm&sound鬼才reggea vocal Tikiman aka Paul St. Hilaire。他们的音乐逐渐从纯粹的电子乐转变为融合自己风格的hybird,容入电子及更多的dub和reggea说唱 3月5日白兔俱乐部将为大家隆重呈献 震撼心灵的融合了 Minimal,Dub-techno,Reggea  的超级舞蹈之夜!

03-06 星期六 白兔电音之夜 12点后50元
DJs : ZhiQi, Will, Mickey Zhang

03-12 星期五  白兔电音之夜 12点后50元
DJs : Yang Bing, X.LEE , Eddie Lv

03-13 星期六 Syndicate(drum&bass)6周年派对 50元
北京DRUM N BASS团体Syndicate丛林音乐6周年狂热派对,感受京城最劲爆的激情DRUM N BASS之夜。这个夜晚也将是SYNDICATE及DRUM N BASS正式回归白兔第一个躁动之夜!

03-19 星期五 White Rabbit presents 特别推荐 BRETT JOHNSON (US) 门票70元
被誉为制作接近于Techno音乐并呈现高质量House音乐的Brett 融合了他对Soul , Disco , House和Techno的理解,将音乐巧妙的结合,更强烈的表现节奏和旋律在Techno音乐中的复杂性并延续了纯粹音乐本身的灵魂与激情.

03-20星期六 2010《觉》音乐+艺术节呈现 格拉斯哥传奇Optimo中国巡演 门票70元
Optimo这个名字来自一首Liquid Liquid 1983年出的EP同名主打, 而现在它代表了JD Twitch和JG Wilkes, 他俩开了夜店Optimo还组了团Optimo, 总之现在Optimo的事情大条了: The Skinny的文章就称他们能制造"苏格兰最让人神魂颠倒的电子之夜", "擅长混排世界上所有的音乐风格", 完了还赏他们一小星星。Pitchfork Media也毫不吝啬他们的赞扬:"Optimo是当今最好的DJ二人组。"
多的不说了, 就举一个例子吧,他们能把Joy Division的Transmission和the Lords Of Acid的I Sit On Acid混一起完后还能接上Nina Simone的Feeling Good。

03-26星期五 白兔电音之夜 12点后50元
DJs : Yang Bing, Zhi Qi ,Ou Yang

03-27星期六 Swedish Fish瑞典鱼 12点后50元
每个月的最后一个周六,白兔带给你全新的PARTY之夜“Swedish fish”瑞典鱼!之所以有这么一个奇怪有趣的名字是因为当天将要打碟的DJ分别是来自瑞典的Donald summer及名字中有个“鱼”的patrick Yu,这个巧妙的名字就像两位DJ一样永远带给大家惊喜的电子之声!




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