April 24 @ NIC (Tianjin)

Posted by Nevin Domer on 10. Mai 2009

Peter: Me, Peter, Song Xiaofeng, lead singer, Wang Bing guitar. Jiang Chuan drum, and Li Zheng bass.

How long have you been playing together as Jason Kill?

Peter: For three or four years…

Wang Bing: Since 2005.

Peter: I’ve just joined in for a half a year.

And you’re all from Dalian originally?

Peter: Yeah, except for the drummer he is from Yingkou, very near to Dalian.

What is it like to play in Dalian? What is the hardcore-punk scene or just the music scene in Dalian like?

(everyone laughs)

Wang Bing: So-so, not good.

Jiang Chuan: Embarrassing.

Wang Bing: It’s too small. For the past half a year we haven’t had a show.

There’s just not many chances to play shows or just not many other local bands?

Peter: There are about three to five bands.

All punk?

Wang Bing & Jiang Chuan: No, no.

Wang Bing: There is no punk, no punk.

Jiang Chuan: But there are some other really good bands, some old bands, two really great ones. I think when a rock band can play together that long they get to be great bands no matter what style they play. Those bands have been together for ten years.

Those two bands are?

Jiang Chuan: Wangwen, post-rock and Tai Xian, metal. 

Right now in China there are not many hardcore bands…

Peter: Yeah, but you know right now some people think of hardcore music as a fashion, they learn all about it but don’t understand any of the ideas behind it.

There are a lot of bands that play Rancid influenced stuff and street punk influenced stuff but not really any that play hardcore, at least now. I know before there were bands like Shit Dog…

Jiang Chuan: And Fanzui Xiangfa, but our songs have parts from hardcore and parts from street punk. Can you hear anything new in our music? It is kind of a joke with us but we call our music “hardpunk” or “punkcore.” I don’t know if there are other people playing this sort of style but we want to try it. 

Wang Bing: We just play the music that we like.

Well I do think that your music is different from a lot of Chinese bands. What are your influences, both Chinese and foreign?

Jiang Chuan: The earliest are Casualties, Unseen…

Wang Bing: Sick of it All, Fanzui Xiangfa….

(everyone laughs)

Wang Bing: Those are the bands we like the most, the ones most important to us

Jiang Chuan: Our music comes from our own thinking. Each person in the group has their own ideas and they all come together there isn’t anything else.

What is it like to play hardcore-punk in China?

Wang Bing: We just do it for ourselves.

Have you had a chance to play in many cities in China?

Jiang Chuan: No.

Wang Bing: No.

What do you think is the future for DIY hardcore music in China?

Jiang Chuan: There will be more bands like us coming out and more people will be interested in our music. I remember someone once said that the real freedom is not that you can to do whatever you want to do, but real freedom is to be able to not do whatever you don’t want to do.

One more question, where does the name Jason Kill come from?

Peter: You know the movie about Jason…

Wang Bing: Friday the 13th

Peter: Yeah.

Wang Bing: Jason had always been discriminated against since he was young. We think there is no need for anyone to discriminate against us. So we chose this name at the very beginning.

Is there anything else that you want to add?

Wang Bing: We want to keep going. We hope that all the hardcore punk fans and Chinese bands can get together and support each other. There is no need for any barriers. We should all work together.

Jiang Chuan: Actually in China all the true rock musicians and rock fans should get together, not just those who like punk. In China there is no need to divide rock and roll into different subgenres like in foreign countries. In other countries there are different background and different kinds of music that we don’t have here, but in China it has all come up together so there is no need to divide it up. In doesn’t matter if you like punk rock or metal as long as you like rock and roll we can all get together and support each other.


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