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Chapter 1: Indrani aasan --As mentioned by Vatsyana, this is the position of the Goddess.Indraani draws up both her knees until they nuzzle the curves of her breasts; her feet find her lover’s arms. Perfect for shorter female and average height Male.

Chapter 2: The Karka Position. (Pincer)
This is one of the most fulfilling positions of submission for a man. Laying on her back the woman opens her thighs completely. Her lover takes hold of her ankles, so that she is forced to spread her thighs even more. She cannot fight against his penetration in any way with her legs opened like this.

Chapter 3: The Gramya Position (The Rustic)
“She lies on her back , with her two thighs pressed tightly together and you make love to her, keeping your thighs outside hers”

Chapter 4: The Ratisundra Position (Aphrodite’s Delight)
In this kind of missionary position the woman has to be very flexible and agile. The man has to lift the woman’s leg high up in such a way that it touches her breasts forming a semi circle.

Chapter 5: The Samputa Position (Sage)
In Samputa your legs lie along hers caressing their whole length from toes to thighs. Your lover may be below you.

Chapter 6: The Utthishta Position (Rising)
This position is designed to provide deep penetration. she has her legs uplifted on the shoulders of the lover.

Chapter 7: The Uthkanta Position (Throat High)
Lift the lady’s feet until her soles lie perfectly parallel, one to each side of her slender throat, cup her breasts and enjoy her.

Chapter 8: The Vyomapada Position (Sky foot)
Another variation in the basic missionary position is the Vyomapada position wherein the woman lifts her feet and draws them back until they reach her hair exposing her yoni to the man. The man enters her forcefully caressing and playing with her breasts. In this position also penetration is very deep and it is a very enjoyable position. As is routine in such positions, the woman needs to be supple so that her legs can be pushed back without causing undue inconvenience

Chapter 9: The Manmathpriya Position (Cupid)
In all the missionary positions Vatsyayana’s basic objective was to ensure that stimulation and penetration is deep and intense. In these positions the woman though has to lie back and enjoy but also has to give utmost co-operation and exposure to her man so that he can enter her and satisfy her to the fullest. In this position also the man raises the womans parted keens and hooks her feet over his thighs thereby completely exposing her yoni for the penetration. He can then enter her and at the same time caress her breasts giving her divine pleasure.

Chapter 10:The Kshudgaga Position (Embrace)
Thus in this position the woman sits astride the man with her feet positioned on either side of his waist and the man enters her with hard blows. This position gives very limited scope of penetration and enjoyment and can be adopted only initially to heighten the mood and passion.

Chapter 11:The Lilasana Position (Enthroned)
“She places both her hands on the bed, enthroned on your penis and makes love to you, while you press your two hands to her thudding heart”

Chatper 12:The Schitij Position (Horizon)
“Both him and her lie side by side, head to toe. She straddles him from the side, while his legs are outstretched. They both control the motion”

Chapter 13:The Bahaav Position (Hammock)
The man is seated (preferredly in a hard surface, not it bed), with the flexed legs and the later part is taken from its knees. This way, it receives the woman who is made penetrate complying in the space that is between the legs of him and her trunk. It presses with the knees the body of his companion, attracts it towards his causing the swing of both.

Chapter 14:The Pakshi Position (Sparrow)
The woman lies on her back while the man fills her open vulva completely. She places her legs on his shoulders and catches the man’s arms in order to help him raise her. In this way, the woman imprisons the man’s penis offering him intense pleasure. He plunges into her deeply and forcefully, so that she can feel the length of his member for all it’s worth. The man can make back and forth movements and the woman has to be in tune with her lover. In this position the man can achieve a good stimulation of the woman’s G-spot and therefore she can reach the G-spot orgasm.

Chapter 15:The Aibha Position (Elephant)
Lay face down on the bed or floor, resting your forehead, forearms and breasts on the surface while raising your hips and buttocks high. Have your lover sit upon his bent knees, guiding his manhood into your vagina and have him hold you firmly at the hips, rocking in the sexual congress of the Elephant position known as “Aibha.” Your lover may vary this position slightly by wrapping his arms around your waist, stimulating your clitoris as he performs Aibha.


Lift your body so that you are pushing yourself up with your palms while your lover remains inside of you.

Chapter 16:The Hirana Position (Deer)
From all the rear entry positions one thing is clear that Vatsyayana was heavily influenced by the form in which animals make love. In this position the woman goes down on all fours like that of a Deer and offers herself to the man to enter her from behind and make love to her. This position also provides maximum stimulation and penetration and is enjoyable to both the sexes

Chapter 17:The Svanaka (Dog)
If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists round to gaze into your face, experts in the art of love say it is “Svanaka”.

Chapter 18:The Milaap Position (Mold)
“With the together and gathered legs, the woman tends of flank and backwards relaxes her head while he penetrates it, or by the vagina or the anus (excellent position for anal sex) the movements must smooth and be coordinated and the slow and deep penetration: both bodies are conformed like two perfect pieces of a puzzle”

Chapter 19:The Aasana Position (Table)
The Lover sprawls and arches their body on all fours to make an aasan (table). She then mounts her lovers manhood and rides it like a queen.

Chapter 20:The Samdamsha Position (Tongs)
She mounts her lover while he lays flat on the ground and moves her buttocks to provide a squeezing sensation to his manhood. She moves forward and backward like a pair of tongs on her lover.

Chapter 21:The Vadavaka Position (Mare)
The man sprawls on the floor with his upper body slightly elevated at an angle facing upwards. She mounts him like a Mare facing away from him.”When, like a mareCruelly gripping a stallion,Your lover traps and milks your penis with her vagina”

Chapter 22:The Virsha Position (Bull)
“Lie flat on your backwith legs stretched out:while you beloved sits astride you,facing away, grasping your feet. This is Virsha (the Bull)”

Chapter 23:The Paschima Position (West)
The reverse table

Chapter 24:The Navasat Position (96)
He position of the Ninety Six. She arches her back far enough to reach his Manhood. She takes it in her mouth while he sucks her clitoris.

Chapter 25:The Unhatra Position (69)
The position of the Sixty Nine, she lays on top of her lover and takes his manhood in her mouth, while he sucks her Vagina.

Chapter 26:The Mishtana Position (Sweet Juice)
The female must should lay down on her side with one leg in the air over the males right shoulder. The male should have one arm underneath her leg on the bed and the other one placed near her pubic hair. The right hand should play with the clit, while you lick

Chapter 27:The Chumbana Position (Eternal Kiss)
The Man kneels down in front of his lover. She lifts her feet on top of her shoulders while he kisses her vagina.

Chapter 28:The Rasana Position (Fellatio)
She climbs on the knees of her lover and takes his manhood in her mouth and sucks it till it reaches orgasm.

Chapter 29:The Tripadam Position (Tripod)
If you catch one of her knees firmly in your hand and stand making love with herwhile her hands explore and caress your body,it is “Tripadam” (the Tripod).”

Chapter 30:The Gardabha Position (Donkey)
Set well-apart on the ground, she bends,placing a hand upon each thigh,and you take her from the rear

Chapter 31:The Rajasvi Position (Dominator)
If she’s ever taken a yoga lesson, this sex position is for him! She’s using her shoulders and elbows to support her hips so she’s upside down. He steps in from the top and drills down. He’s got great control of motion, and both partners have a great view of the action

Chapter 32:The Kulisha Position (Thunderbolt)
He lifts her legs up while she hangs upside down. He peirces her womandhood like a thunderbolt falling from the sky.

Chapter 33:The Janukurpara Position (Knee Elbow)
“If you lift your loverby passing your elbows under her kneesand gripping her buttockswhile she hangs fearfully from your neck,it is “Janukurpara” (the Knee Elbow).”

Chapter 34:The Avalambitika Position (Suspended)
“When the woman sits in her lover’scradled hands, her arms around his neck,thighs gripping his waist,her feet pushing back and forth against a wall,it is “Avalambitaka” (Suspended).”

Chapter 35:The Milaan Position (Group hug)
Group hug

Chapter 36:The Tribuj Position (Love Triangle)
The three lovers pleasure each other by forming a triangle.

Chapter 37:The Raani Position (Queen)
2 lovers form a seat for the queen while she sits on top and enjoys!

Chapter 38:The Triasana Position (Seat)

Chapter 39:The Pankti Position (Line, Double Play)

Chapter 40:The Sundari Position (Gorgeous Girls)

Chapter 41:The Sambhogana Position (Joint Intercourse)

Chapter 42:The Ratna Position (Treasure)
Similar to Chumbana, except in this one the woman is the dominator and Man penetrates deep into he
r valley with his tongue and searches for treasure.


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