The black magic of IDH

Posted by Crab on 9. Apr 2009

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IDH played at D22 last Friday. Just two guys, a frontman, a backman. IDH is Illusion Division by the Hand.

Xiao Yu carefully unpacks his white Fender Jaguar, a popular guitar when it comes to playing experimental and sharp. The guitarist-singer then meticulously chains his 5 or 6 pedals. The massive Boss LoopStation in charge of delivering the recorded bass lines is protected from ash—or whatever may compromise its lifetime—with a plastic cover.

The set starts with the frenetic Final Trial; fast tempo, reminding me of some early Placebo works. I don't know all songs yet, but I'm looking forward to Mourners, whose repetitive chords are still on my mind since the previous concert. It's finally coming, in the middle of the set, a deadly song definitely. Lu Gang on the drums is a perfect match, and the whole sound fills the space effortlessly, with texture and electricity.

Hear more about IDH here. And go and see them on stage, it's something.



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