Inspiring Prediction 2009

Posted by PekAMCO Technologies on 21. Mar 2009

China’s civil aviation MRO market outlook remains brisk in 2009
In the short run, under a gloomy global economic outlook, the consolidation of airline companies, fleet reorganization and the 

out-of-service of the older aircraft models will have a negative impact on the civil aviation MRO market. However, the civil aviation MRO market will maintain its growth momentum in the long run, and the Chinese market will draw particular attention. Currently, most of China’s imported aircrafts have passed from warranty period to MRO period. CCID Consulting estimates that the number of airplanes going into MRO period in China will exceed 500, with the total market scale exceeding $1.85 billion, and the growth momentum is expected to continue. 

In terms of the competition in the industry, lack of skilled technical staff will be the major factor restraining the development of enterprises, and the labor costs will continue to rise. Furthermore, integrated services will increasingly gain popularity among civil aviation companies. In spite of the negative impact of the financial crisis on joint investment, the cooperation and consolidation in various forms between civil aviation MRO companies, OEMs and airlines have become a trend which will be even more noticeable in 2009.


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