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Posted by Pete DeMola on 5. Jul 2010

BEIJING, JULY 5 -- If you're like the WLIB team -- bloated, socially-awkward slobs who eat most meals while slouched over our keyboards -- you should be elated to hear that a new delivery-focused pizza joint is set to open this week in Sanlitun.

We'll spare you the commentary (our stomachs are growling) and get straight to the point:

Gung Ho Pizza

China View, Worker's Stadium East Road (工人体育场东路)

Thurs, July 8

Here are four reasons why this place is a welcome addition to Pizza Land:

The brains behind the operation have impressive pedigrees: Jade Gray and Rich Akers (Lush, Pyro) have been building a well-received empire in Wudaokou for the past decade, while the addition of Jeff Powell (Element Fresh) and co-founder John O'Loghlen (Dominos) to the crew add an additional topping of intuitive knowledge and professionalism.

Delivery Focus
Their dozen-strong fleet of bikes will deliver throughout the Sanlitun area, with more neighborhoods to be cemented in the near-future.

Imported ingredients -- including New Zealand mozzarella -- is the hallmark of their ten signature pies, salads, pastas and fruit juices.

Coming in between 55-90 RMB, a quality 12-inch pie is a rarity in this country. Eat 'em up! While we're told that the ingredients will be fresh and healthy, with their Buy One, Get One promotion running throughout the month of July, we're planning on saying goodbye to the Great Summertime Weight Loss Plan and hello to the Summer of Replacing Broken Office Chairs.

But how are they?


We tried them all, and our favorites include the Spinach Pesto -- it includes tofu, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese -- and the Nordic Salmon (obviously, right?), topped with roasted red peppers, capers and wine cured Norwegian salmon.

Gung Ho Pizza
China View, Worker's Stadium East Road (工人体育场东路)

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