Seeking Casanovas

Posted by Pete DeMola on 6. Jul 2009

We're looking for two relationship advice columnists (one Chinese lady, one Western gentleman) to contribute their witty and raw insight from the Beijing love trenches.

The purpose of this column is to not to be a shocking, vulgar and attention-seeking exhibitionist, but to help facilitate cross-cultural communication about heterosexual romance, relationships, intimacy and sex in an intelligent and witty fashion though dispensing advice. (Don't panic, beloved members of the LGBT community -- we've already got you covered. Stay tuned.)

Members of our community will submit their questions, and you will answer them. It's simple.

Qualified applicants must have:

- a solid grasp of the English language
- prior writing experience
- resided in Beijing for a minimum of one year
- a wicked sense of humor
- good at listening to problems and giving advice
- profound insight into Chinese urban culture and gender dynamics
- a sincere respect for the opposite sex

Think you have what it takes? Wonderful.

To apply, send me an email at pete AT weliveinbeijing DOT com (Subject: WLIB Relationship Advice Columnist).

Include the following information:

- a concise introduction about yourself
- a 200-word pitch as to why you'd be the best at the job
- 2 writing clips
- a funny anecdote about life in China

Only short-listed, qualified applicants will receive a reply.

If lots of people are qualified, we will schedule a fight-to-the-death cage match in the center of Wangfujing to determine a winner.

Photo courtesy of Sylvie Luk.

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