Meeting new people

Posted by Jinbo on 12. Aug 2012

I like ot meet new people
that is to be chinese or foreigner, girls or guys, I just like to meet new people
you learn new cultures, new point of views, get new ideas (about travel places, food....)
when you travel, it's really easy to meet people
I love to go hostel, hang out in the bar, speak with other travellers or local people, this is a really nice way to travel
(note to myself : i should make an article about travel)
so, as i was saying, it's easy to meet people during travel, some of best friends i met on travels
but then, when you dont travel, how to meet new people?
here is the problem
if you are still a student = easy
but otherwise?
let's just be frank, you talk to a girl she thinks you wanna fuck her
you talk to a guy, he think you're gay might be lucky and have some open minded colleagues, but after that...


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