Every day is a restart

Posted by Jinbo on 5. Aug 2012

Before i start, let me introduce myself
I am just one amongst the other, a normal guy, with dreams, hopes
The name is Jean, it could have been John, Roberto, Mark...

Can someone change?
this question has been on me for a while now, I still didn't figure the answer out yet.

Well this is simple and complicated at the same time. Everday, I wake up and tell myself: "Today you need to change, this is wrong, you're heading for a wall."
Let's just give a couple of examples:
-I've been in China 2 years, my goal when I came here was to speak Chinese after this period. How is my Chinese now? Well, let's just say : Progress have been made but i'm still ages away from fluency.
-I'm fat, well, i'm not fat per say, but i'm not the athletic guy i once was, I know how it happened,(laziness got to me, sports left me), I also know that myself only can change that fact, I applied on a gym (never went there), I tried to start running everyday (i went 2 days in a row then told myself "tomorrow is better"),
-i smoke like hell, i tried to quit around 10 times
-I know that when i get drunk, i'll feel like shit the next morning, still, i get shithead
-I know i should save money, but i just spend it on useless stuff

So here is the situation,
I know my weak points, i know how i could improve them, but I can't make up my mind and actually do it

Can somebody change? Is everyday a restart? Am I just a lazy ass? Have I too much hope for myself?

I write this lines for me, to share, to try to understand


  • KF x Diamond


    11 August 2012
  • Josh T

    my restart is a repetitive playback from the day before...

    11 August 2012
  • Elena❉寒

    they always say spend ur day like it is the last day of ur life ~but how many ppl actually treasure it like this ~there always a tomorrow to excuse us from time to time...so tomorrow is too late for a restart ~today is right on time ~start from now ~no matter what ~this is also writen for myself ~to share and to understand ~

    11 August 2012
  • Springyung424

    u all r right, i think it is up to what kind of life the ppl wanna& how much they understand theirsevles and this world.

    11 August 2012
  • Katie

    加油Jean! Enjoy your life and cherish the moments!

    11 August 2012
  • Patatje Oorlog

    Stop with being a whiny little bitch and man up...... Sounds rude, but hey.....Change only happens if you WANT it.

    11 August 2012

    hey, lay back, I go discovering your strong point

    11 August 2012
  • Jinbo

    the whiny bitch is the one laying in his misery, changing is improving

    12 August 2012
  • Patatje Oorlog

    change is not improving by design and default....but anyway, strep 1 is recognition, so that is there, so all the best! Oh, and above comment about strong points, good remark.

    12 August 2012
  • Jinbo

    no worry about the strong point :)

    12 August 2012

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