Foreign Teachers Wanted

Posted by Jessica on 12. Jul 2012

Job Description: 1、 In according with the arrangements and requirements of the school, complete teaching tasks in conformity with the specified quality, quantity, and timing. 2、 Record attendance and learning situations of trainees timely, honestly, and accurately 3、 Assist the management of students’ enrollment and examinations. 4、Participate in social activities organized by the school which will be calculated within the teaching hours. 5、can have at least thirty mins trial lesson.

Requirements: 1、 Native English speakers from USA/Canada/UK/Australia or don’t have accent. 2、 Punctual, and good communication skills 3、 Bachelor degree or have minimum two years teaching experience 4、 Patient, enthusiasm for teaching and high sense of responsibility.

If you are interested in this position, please send your documents as follows by email . 1. Copy of the first page of your passport; 2. Resume. Please state your full name, country of residence ,Email address ,home address and phone number with a description of your academic history and teaching experience ; 3. A duplicated copy of education certifications (esp. Degree certificate) 4. A recent photo

Tel: 56262800/ 56262633/18301386044/18701374134 Mobile phone number: 13843161931 Foreign manager number: 18310902061 E-mail


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