We know it's not easy to study Chinese, let's just SURVIVE.

Posted by mandarin-plus on 16. Apr 2012

SC Program This Survival Chinese program, suitable for beginners, was designed by our team of experienced teachers to guide you through everyday Chinese conversational topics, including greeting people and introducing yourself, ordering food and seeing doctor, asking and negotiating prices, getting direction and travel around China, cultural difference issues and and much much more. 

Key information on basic daily topics. Short-term effective training—24 hours for 12 urgent topics. After just a few classes, you will be equipped to deal with all sorts of everyday situations. Starts every Monday. Flexible length. Flexible timetable. Month round. Any lesson missed can be catch up on the next round.

Timetable: Option A: Mon. Wed. Fri. 10:00-12:00
Option B: Sun. 13:00-15:00

Price: 1680CNY (student can pick any 12 lessons from the timetable to finish the program.)

Design your own schedule: We have this program running 4 times a week with different topics. Students can select any day or days to take the class as the topics are separated and each are designed for beginners. Don’t worry about missing any lesson as you can always catch up the same lesson on its next round. Control your own step to finish the topics. Finish the whole program and decide whether to go further in your conversational Chinese.

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