Chinese girls in foreigners’eyes

Posted by Tatamall on 16. Jan 2012

Recently, I chat with some of my foreign friends, they all ask me a same question:”what’re the Chinese girls like?” I asked myself: what are the most widespread adjectives used by foreigners to tag Chinese girls? After some research I had a list of words most often used to describe Chinese girls.

1.Chinese girls are beautiful. It’s not a surprise to see this description at the top of the list. People prefer to talk of the things that they are passionate about. Naturally some men are crazy about Chinese girls and think that they are beautiful. Definitely there are many men whose hearts begin to beat faster when they look into black, almond shaped eyes

2.Chinese girls are traditional. It is really true. China is a traditional country, so the Chinese girls are traditional. Being an antithesis to the previous statement it is often voiced by men who want to have serious relationships with Chinese ladies.

3.Chinese girls are loyal. It combines such virtues as filial piety to parents and faithfulness in relationships with partner. Generally being a desirable quality – it can pose certain difficulties when woman is the only daughter of her parents. In this case she might be very dependent on parents’ opinion making the romantic relationships susceptible to different tensions and conflicts.

4.Chinese girls are insecure. Indeed, we often lack confidence regarding our appearance. A typical Chinese girl is not satisfied with her yellow skin, little breasts, she is too short, not slim enough and so on. It takes a lot of time and patience from a man to reassure the girl that she is beautiful in his eyes

Now I invite you to say your word. Let’s finish the list here although it could be extended further to include such adjectives as: friendly, submissive, always complaining, hard-working etc. What do you think a Chinese girl in your mind?


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