California Wines

Posted by Cagrapes on 26. Des 2011

California Grapes Make “The Best Wines” In the World California Grapes International, Inc. “CGI” is how they get there. As a full service export specialist for the California Wine Industry, “CGI” understands the complex series of challenges involved with not only finding buyers and making the wine export compliant but, the education, marketing and promoting of those wines once they arrive.

As the evolution of wine making continues to produce better and more diverse products, so has the demand from these products become greater and more diverse! Wine grapes are grown in every major country in the world and account for an estimated 10,000 different varietals. Every bottle of wine produced from these grapes represents a unique and distinct reflection of the history, experience, expertise, personality and style of the individual wine maker and winery behind them.

With the diversity of wines being produced by the California Wine Industry and the general perception of California Wine in the international market, the efforts to develop awareness, understanding and value most often are reduced to pricing and brand recognition. As this scenario only works for a small number of California Wineries and large producers, the 1000’s of unique and high quality wineries in California need a new approach for the international marketplace that fosters the principals of what California Wines truly represent.

“CGI” prides itself on that understanding and appreciation of California wine! It is what drives the efforts necessary to change the current international market perception. The California Wine Industry being comprised of several major wine producing regions, accounts for 90% of the wine produced in the United States and would be the fourth largest wine producer in the world if recognized as its’ own country. The amount of knowledge, expertise and quality behind the wines produced in California is the reason we say “California Grapes Make the Best Wines” in the World!

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