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12月北京的冬天,不仅仅是一个季节,更是我们心中永远的一种说不清的情绪。 别让冬天凛冽的风把你的声音和心跳也冻僵了 快来参加“FREQUENCY Part I” 让你的嗓子和身体在呐喊和舞动中升温 感受电子音乐的节奏和心跳的频率 复苏你的热血和活力 我们在2012新年到来之前,躁动~!
December in Beijing is not just a beginning of the Winter, but also time to change something in our souls. Don’t let the cold weather freeze your hearts and minds, come and join the "FREQUENCY Part I", make your body and soul heat up, dance and shout in the rhythm of electronic music and synchronize the heartbeat frequency with it! Let the blood flow restless in your vessels, preparing for the arrival of the 2012 New Year ~!

DJs: Eric Lee, po1e, Sean.C

地址 Address: TWILO CLUB 北京市朝阳区光华路22号,光华路SOHO 103A/B GUANGHUALU SOHO 103 A/B,22 GUANGHUALU RD CHAOYANG DISTRICT.BEIJING (SILK MARKET NO.2 EAST 100 METERS) Reservation(订座电话):010- 6561 9360

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