Maths and life

Posted by Grace G. on 1. Nov 2011

As we all know,people learned maths since primary school. however,we 'v never noticed that we also learn it in our daily life. Someone said that our life is just like P M T D,plus,minus,times,divide.Basically,it does make sense.

    with the growth of age,we gain knowledge,experience and  wrinkles,that's addition.The sad  part is what we lose at the same time will never return back,I mean the rest of our life,the time left ,that is subtraction.This was the most obvious explanation for the subject。

    let‘s move to something deeper,for instance,how success we are depends on the intelligence we born with and the effort we made.just like doing multiplication,successful =IQ×diligence,old equation. Sometimes people care too much about success,that lead to

disappointment if then didn't achieve the goal.In another way,we can say that what we have got is numerator,the personal desire is denominator.If someone doesn't feel happy,it's not because of his dog's life,but for his unrealistic dream.This is the typical division.

   what i mentioned is just the operation of maths,if we look to the geometric,we will find that maths and life have lots things in common.If two opposite sex people are bff,they can be parallel lines,never cross,never leave,keep the same distance forever.

however,if two youth get in loved ,they maybe the intersecting lines,they getting closer and closer,then separate .Or they can also be the hyperbola,they both know that they won't have interaction point,but they just can't help themself geting together,with no outcome,no ends.

   yes,we are learning maths all the time,we can find it everywhere.we really need to use some method of maths to solve problems in our daily life.LIFE is just like a number,it composed of wealth,reputation,career and   interpersonal  relationship,The first number will always be your health,if  health is zero,everthing will be zero.

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