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Description of major Courses offered at Wenhui Language

Free Trial Chinese Course

In order to give you access to our user-friendly and efficient teaching method, we offer you a free trial Chinese course. Our free trial Chinese course, like all of our Chinese courses, gives you all the components necessary to establish a personalized learning strategy, tailored to meet individual needs as well as provide constant student support. Try out our language school and courses, without any obligation, in a free Trial Lesson.

If you come to our Trial Lessons, you will attend our real Chinese Courses in a level close to your Chinese skills, and will experiment our unique teaching method. You can also book a free 1on1 Trial lesson.

By participating in a real Chinese lesson and meeting our teachers and students, you will get a better understanding of our language school, instructors, policies, activities and more.

Free Trial Lessons Schedule and Description

We have ongoing weekday morning, afternoon, evening, weekend, private class and online class available for your trial options. You can book a Free Trial lesson anytime you want, and we will arrange according to your level, plan and location etc. within 24hours of your reservation.

Chinese Exam Preparation

Your personal Chinese teacher will give you the help you need to pass your upcoming Chinese exams. We are qualified to prepare you for all major international Chinese tests including: HSK, HSKK, BCT, YCT

These coaching sessions are specifically targeted at helping you pass your Chinese exams. Instead of starting from scratch, your teacher will focus on your weaknesses and the specific areas you need help with.

At the end of the exam preparation lessons you will have the required skills to successfully pass your Chinese test.

Corporate Business Chinese Lessons

Improve your Business Chinese and Thrive in an Chinese Speaking Corporate Environment

Our business Chinese program is highly practical, goal-orientated, and tailored to rapidly improve your business Chinese skills. We focus on speaking, so you can quickly start interacting confidently with business partners and clients in real business situations. Such situations include: presentations, meetings, phone conversations, and business dinners. This program is also suitable for companies of all sizes who need to train their staff in business Chinese. For large amounts of students, please call us or send us an email.

Under the dramatic development nowadays, if you want to do business with China, Wenhui Language will lead you to learn more Chinese business habits and business etiquette, Chinese policies, and bring you into real business situations to help you easily handle the complexities of your business environment.

Survival Chinese Lessons

Excellent for students who need “emergency” Chinese lessons to quickly grasp the fundamentals of Chinese and navigate life in China, our survival Chinese lessons are customized to meet the needs of non-native speakers living in a Chinese-speaking country. Interactions will become much easier once students enroll in this survival Chinese course, and conversational and grammar skills will be taught to suit an array of daily life situations. Students will also learn via role-playing and engaging in vocabulary activities. Our survival Chinese course will help students give and understand directions, go shopping, order at a restaurant, visit the doctor, go to the bank, go to the pharmacy, book a hotel room, navigate the airport, traveling using the subway etc. People with specific needs in learning Chinese can simply state what they wish to focus on, and we will include this topic in the survival Chinese lessons to give you the resources you need.

During Survival Chinese Lessons, there is a constant focus on the tones to ensure your pronunciation is clear and correct. We also use our link word method to help you quickly start accumulating a wide-ranging vocabulary. It will help you to use what you have learnt in the classroom on the streets. Your pronunciation and tones will be quickly improved and in no time at all you will be able to easily communicate.

Chinese for Children

With our structured Mandarin curriculum, you can prepare your child for their future today. Children pick up on languages easier than adults, making it ideal to enroll them in Wenhui Language programs now. We have chosen the best native teachers for our courses, and your children can learn Chinese in the comfort of your own home.

We ensure that all learning activities and materials are age-appropriate for your child. We can build up your child’s confidence, develop fluency, help with homework, prepare your child for a test, correct pronunciation or assist with grammar – and have fun too!

Specially chosen tutors for teaching kids Chinese

Our skilled teachers are experts at using various methods for teaching kids Chinese. We’ve created a curriculum for young children to keep them entertained and wanting to learn. We use age-appropriate pictures, carefully selected grammar, and child-centered learning activities.

Your children may have a temporary or permanent lack of mobility and cannot easily get to a Mandarin School. This is no problem with Wenhui Language as our Chinese tutors are ever ready to satisfy your child’s educational needs.

Intensive Mandarin

The regular Chinese lessons are designed for learners who wish to receive a systematic Chinese training in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is suitable for any student, from the total beginner to the highest level. The Intensive Mandarin Course according to learners level comprises the following:

Elementary Course

This course focuses on simple dialogues and practical Chinese in daily life, with the purpose of helping students master basic spoken Chinese and useful expressions for daily use. Upon completion of the course, you should have a command of more than 1,000 basic words and 200 simple sentences, focusing first on pinyin and then move forward to basic daily conversational situations.

Intermediate Course

The intermediate course is suitable for students who have completed the basic course or possess the basic level. The courses focus on functional language expressions and different expressions in the practical application such as working, day to day tasks, entertainment and travelling, living etc. Upon completion of the courses, students should have a command of about 2,500 words, as well as the ability to speak fluent Chinese in daily life using complex sentences.

Advanced course

The advanced course focuses on communication skills through the discussion of current issues in society, such as the economy, culture, and other aspects of Chinese society. The texts are mostly selected from magazines, newspapers and literature, social articles. Hot topics includes “Knowing Yourself”, “Leisure and Entertainment”, or “Financial Chris”, etc. Upon completion of the course, students should have a command of about 1,500 new words, including slang, phrases, and especially idiomatic expressions. In addition, you will acquire a better understanding of Chinese society and culture to supplement your enhanced language ability.


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