Posted by Aquamarine on 17. Mar 2011

<p><span style="background-color: #ff00ff; font-size: medium;">ive been through a lot this year..i definally grow up..big very </span><span style="background-color: #ff00ff; font-size: medium;">really had alot of things,,so very protect over myself..sometimes I get kind of lonely..ur guarded..u know..u have to be that way..otherwise u gonna taking revenge getting the situation like I did from past year..i had totally lost my way..i lost focus..i lost myself..i had that type of nature with in me that wanna to rebel out..i never wanna to become one of those prison r always wanted feel free..get my car..nd go nd not let people think feel like I gotta to say that im home..i think that was always the apart of me I kind of got trouble..i had let..theres people of my life they were just bad people..i was very guarded at frist..nd then when to the point were I end in up let it them in..beacuse I was lonely..but what in the fact Id be able paid the concessions queens for that..nd big time..but i just feel like..u know u do something all u were learn from it..but its like im having to pay for a for a really really long time..i look back..i did not to see how did I get through..i sit there nd I put it back,.im a smart person..what the hell I was thinking..i have no regrets..beacuse I think everything happens for a reason..when I was look back nd I is was what it is..learned from my mistakes..nd just listen to my instincts more..was my life out control..?alot was at stake..nd I realize that the there was point where I didn&rsquo;t know how running a life with that many people outside of my house,,im a strong girl.nd enough its enough..ill get straight..its wired like u can see the coolest part of the world..the coolest part..nd then the another side..u see the most of beautiful part..its like u go to the next..nd the both r worth it..u wouldn&rsquo;t see the other without the other one..but that cool part..its damn cool..nd ur not gonna forget it..but heaven..its its like id been both I try to avoid the situation fromthreating me..u go through like a karate kid..hehe..</span></p>

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