about the "lovely bones"

Posted by Tomoko on 17. Mar 2011

<p>i read this book everynight before i go to bed. it's a little horrible first when i saw that Susan was killed. But it dosen't goes like a detective story.&nbsp; the whole family respond to the terrible news differenty, but Susan was beloved. it feels so true when Susan goes to heaven as she can still watch the earth, watch her family, even go between them. but extremely lonely in the heaven.</p> <p>&nbsp; i never belive in heaven, but if i can still " exist" , i want the heaven to be like that,even i'm not sure that i can go to heaven or not. i never believe in God or other supernature thing, but deep inside i preper that i have such belif, so when i'm down or something, i can have something to believe , to hold to.</p> <p>i'm about to finish the reading tonight, i hope the family can come back together.</p>



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