WLIC Value-added Services 漂在中国增值服务

Posted by MAXIMEY on 7. Mar 2011

<p>漂在中国(www.weliveinChina.com)是服务于会员、群组、活动的社区网络,与大家共同分享和交流。丰富多彩的网络社区,这标志着新的互联时代到来。漂在中国是一个服务于全中国的领先SNS社区平台。</p> <p><br />漂在中国拥有全方位的服务渠道,以解决在华外籍人士在中国的工作生活问题为己任,提供完善的线上、线下服务,包括:来自世界各国人士的在线交友平台,自发成立各种类型的群组,组织各式各样的活动,为用户提供交易平台的市场,不用出门就可以在网上完成的城市各区域订餐,各城市相关房屋、工作、票务信息,为外来人士提供签证服务等等。我们的目标是,增强现有服务的用户满意度,扩大潜在服务项目。未来我们还将根据广大用户的需要提供收费会员服务,致力于打造最便捷、最专业的服务,争做中国专业针对外籍人士的第一SNS社区,让网络贴近生活。</p> <p><br />我们来自世界各地,我们漂在这里,我们拥有这里,这是我们共同的网络家园!</p> <p>更多信息,请查看 <span style="color: #0000ff;">( www.weliveinchina.com)</span><br /><br />WeliveinChina (www.weliveinChina.com) is a localized network for communities sharing members, groups, events and much more - marking new cmmunities rich and vibrant from day one.WeLiveinChina is a leading SNS community platform servicing for all over China.</p> <p>WeliveinChina has the full range of service channel for foreigners in China, and the main aim is to solve problems with life and work in China. We will provide a comprehensive online or offline service, including online dating platform for people all over the world, all kind of groups made by yourself, various types of events, market place for users, food-delivery, each city's related housing, work and ticket information, Visa services etc. Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction of existing services, expand the potential service. In future we will provide majority of users according to charge Member Services, to create the most convenient and most professional services, striving to be first professional SNS community for expats in China.<br /><br />We come from all over the world, We live here, We enjoy here, This is our common online home!</p> <p><br />For more infor, please check in<span style="color: #0000ff;"> ( www.weliveinchina.com)</span><br /><br /><br /><br /></p>

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