Why will Beijing become a wonderful place for hiking-fans?

Posted by Hiking with Bruce and His Friends on 19. Jan 2015

Why will Beijing become a wonderful place for hiking-fans?

  • 1.Yanshan Mountain which is surrounding Beijing city from northeast to west. The attitude of Yanshan Mountain is from 400-1000 meters, our hikers usually are hiking on the district which is about 400-600 meters height. Because the city is so close to mountain area, one-day hiking plan would be best choice for hikers living in Beijing. Highly-developed express way system in Beijing make it out that the bus ride from central part of city to hiking start point would take less than 2 hours
  • 2.Beijing has very distinctive view in different season. Spring will be the king season for hikers, while it's too short before the temperature become too high. You can enjoy the wonderful smell of new plants and grass with their lovely flowers which just bloom. Unfortunately, the king season will last than 3 weeks from middle of April to May. Nevertheless, the autumn is Queen season, which is cool enough and gets out of rainy summer, which would be clever choice for whom miss the king-season. It is fairly enough to claim that every hikers would be astonished by the breath-taking beautiful view in Beijing mountain area in autumn. Summer would be hot and winter would be very windy make hiking be a little tough for some people who didn't involved in outdoor exercise too much. But if you are big fan of hiking, you also can get some surprising beautiful scenery.

  • 3 One of the best additional earning for hikers in Beijing is that Great Wall is just located in Yanshan mountain. Our hikers can stretch their muscle in mountain trails and also touch those hundreds years-old bricks and carved stone which is the first symbol of Chinese history. More importantly, those sections of Great Wall in our hiking routes is totally distinguished form those famous parts like Juyongguan, Badaling or Mutinayu which had been occupied by crowded visitors all year. Those wild great wall is authenticate with collapsed wall and weathering bricks and stones, which make Great wall what It is, the real historic story teller.


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