Job Opportunity:Advanced Personal Travel Manager

Posted by Andrew on 8. Sep 2014

According to the calculation for the customer presents the perfect smooth travel experience, and create value for the company.
Administrative boundaries: Travel all activities, including time management, travel management, content management, budget management, crisis management, security management, etc.;
Management objects: all the people and things travel. People, including team guests, third-party vendors; include aircraft, routes, lines, airports, car, luggage, equipment, devices, machines and other offerings;
Workflow: front-line preparation, management and row after row of summary.
Impact assessment: results-oriented, and create value for the company and customers.
Responsible for designated customers provide a large butler service, resolve customer issues related to the travel and travel in front of;
To provide health and travel activities abroad translation work;
Lead customers to visit the world's top natural scenery and enjoy the world's top high-quality services;
Overseas partners to coordinate communication between the customer;
Deal with emergencies;
To provide 24 hours' British butler service ";
Coordination of oversight on behalf of the company overseas partners QOS;
After the completion of the trip debriefing report and track customers feel;

Foreigners require excellent written and spoken Chinese

Candidates please send an email to :


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