Botox cosmetic treatment

Posted by Vaughan Smith on 21. Feb 2017

Botox treatment is a medical safe procedure to cure the facial

creases and wrinkles. The facial treatment is being carried out by the

doctors through a number of years. Botox itself is a drug and is

prepared from bacterium Clostridium botulinum’s neurotoxin known as

botulinum toxin.
The drug is also used for the muscular treatment

along with the removal of wrinkles that are caused by the temporarily

paralyzing muscles.
Botox’s Origin:
The Clostridium botulinum

organism along with its spores are present in forest, lakes, untreated

water, streams, costal and as well as in the cultivated soil. This

bacterium is also found inside the tracts of mammals and fish. But botox agoura hills is extremely poisonous, its single gram can kill one million people and two kilos can kill every person on the earth.
How Botox works medically?

Botox drug is used for different types of medication, the common use of

the drug that it is famous for is to remove the wrinkles but the drug

is also useful for extreme sweating, depression, migraines and even for

psoriases. For wrinkle treatment the Botox injection relaxes the muscles

of the face and it also helps in preventing the formation of the new

lines over the face. Doctors mostly use the injections for the wrinkle

treatment of forehead, center area of eyebrows, chin and the sides of

the eyes. Usually Botox injection takes 72 hours to produce the results

but in most cases the results are seen in 24 hours for the removal of

wrinkles from the face.
Botox medical and cosmetic Use:
There are a number of treatments being carried out using the botox cosmetic agoura hills toxin; some of them are as follow:
Blepharospasm treatment.
Idiopathic Rotational Cervical Dystonia treatment
Chronic Migraine treatment
Severe Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis treatment
Strabismus treatment
Post-Stroke Upper Limb Spasticity treatment
Detrusor Overactivity Urinary Incontinence treatment
Overactive Bladder treatment
Hemifacial Spasm treatment
Glabellar Lines treatment
Canthal Lines treatment
Crow's Feet Lines treatment
Achalasia treatment
Anal Fissure and Anismus treatment
Sialorrhea treatment
Allergic Rhinitis treatment
Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction treatment
Cerebral Palsy treatment
Oromandibular Dystonias treatment
Laryngeal Dystonia treatment
The Botulinum toxin’s procedure:

Botulinum toxin is directly injected into the neuromuscular tissues

after mixing it with the sodium chloride. Then it requires twenty four

to seventy two hours to produce the results. In some rare cases it also

took up to five days to come up with the full results.
The drug is not allowed to be injected into the pregnant women as well as the people who are allergic to the drugs.
Side effects and possible risks:

side effects of the botulinum toxin injection are few in numbers and

can only occur to the people who are genetically disposition. Some of

the side effects are listed below:


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