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About Living and working in China: Just a few precautions

Posted by Nations Abroad Consulting LTD on 20. Jan 2014

These are just a few precautions to take especially if you are new to China. This is not to say that living and working in China is unsafe or in any way insecure.
I have lived in Beijing for 2years now and have traveled around China in that time and I must say it is one of the safest place I have ever lived in my life.

As I got used to living here, I would and still do go for walks at wee hours of the night on my own, I have gone out and had to take a taxi home late at night, I can use my phone while walking down the street or on the subway/bus seated next to an open window in the middle of traffic, something I wouldn't dream of doing back in my home country especially in the city.

There are video surveillance cameras everywhere even in places where there ideally wouldn't be. Also you will often see police patrolling the streets day and night.
However it is always advisable to lean on the side of caution just to avoid the 0ne-in-a-million-chance occurrences.

Here are a few precautions you could take...
  • Do not travel alone if possible
  • Pay attention your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar areas
  • Avoid large demonstrations or protests
  • Carry only as much cash as is absolutely necessary
  • Store the currency in multiple locations on your person
  • Avoid walking alone in dark alleys or areas at night
  • Keep handbags zipped/locked and held close to the front of your body or hands on wallets in jeans
  • Register with your embassy and keep their number with you
  • Do not go alone to bars.
  • Carry a cellphone at all times
  • If you are a victim of a crime or are threatened, seek safety and report the crime to the police
  • Avoid situations involving people who are drunk arguing and/or causing a disturbance.
  • Leave the area before they involve you in their problem
  • Adopt a non-confrontational attitude even though you are in the right. Back down even to someone in the wrong to avoid physical contact/fights.
  • If you are a target of attention of a drunken group or individual or if someone tries to engage you in a fight or challenges you, back away and leave immediately
  • Avoid putting others into a situation where they feel challenged and required to act. Be apologetic and indicate no offense was meant.
  • If you are out with friends or acquaintances who drink to excess, urge them to return home as soon as possible.
  • Ring Emergency Assistance:
  • Emergency Police Assistance 110;
  • Foreigners Hotline of the Public Security Bureau (010) 8402 0101 which will help you locate your nearest police station.
  • If you find yourself a victim of petty crime such as pick pocketing you can either go to your nearest police station or report it via a special hotline of the Public Security Bureau (010) 6401 132
Article compiled by, Danielle Russell

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