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Posted by xin xiu24 on 14. Des 2016

ost of the people in the world have been conditioned to believe that we are separate from God and do not possess the abilities that God has to create the heavens and the earth. We go through life's experiences and then react to them in the hope of getting our desired results.

This perspective of the world has us believe that by doing certain things in response to given stimuli Cheap Jerseys , we are permitted to discover how our reactions coincide with the outcome. What we learn is then recorded in our memory bank for reference when we happen upon a similar situation in the future.

With this type of rationale as a basis for our sponsoring thoughts, we are able to remove ourselves from any responsibility about how events and experiences show up in our lives. Our basic premise is that things show up in our lives by happenstance and how we react will determine what the outcome of the event will be.

Most often our reactions are determined by what we did in response to a similar event in the past. It is important to have this memory of responses in order to react properly to any future event of the same nature.

This is why the learning process is so important within the belief system of separation. Learning and discovering things about the physical world, and our relationship to it, gives you tools you need to get through the life process as smoothly as possible within this paradigm. It is important to learn and be the best at the rules of the game and then use them. Since each of us is separate from one another, and there is only so much to go around, it behooves us to be better in order to have more. Survival of the fittest rears its ugly head once more.

The paradigm of separation would have us believe that we are all in a contest while we are here on earth. The truly important part of our existence is to learn the rules of the contest so that we better our odds of winning. We learned about this contest from our parents and all the other life instructors who influence and touch us.

We accept these teachings almost completely at face value. Some of the teachings seem at odds with our life experiences, but they come from such revered sources that we accept their word on it rather than our own experience. Besides http://www.cheapjerseysleader.com/ , it is easier to just accept someone else's definitions rather than to espouse our own and then have to defend them.

These revered sources include your mother and father, your family, religious leaders, school teachers, your friends, television news reporters, television sitcoms Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , newspapers, magazines and your local bartender. We have considered all of these sources to be valuable in the learning and discovery process.

All of these resources and more have given us the same message. Learn the rules so that you can have more things and more money, which will allow you to do the things you want to do and then you will be happy (or whatever it is that you wish to be).

When we use this method we don't actually define ourselves as who we are and who we wish to be. Instead, we label ourselves with certain identity codes that conform to societal standards and are in accordance with the concept that we are all separate. Love does not drive this rationale, but fear.

The system works because we fear the idea that we might be losers in this contest. As a loser, the penalty is you are sent to hell, but that penalty is assessed on you after you die. While you are here on earth and actively engaged in the contest Cheap NFL Jerseys China , you fear the idea of being a loser in more concrete physical forms, such as losers don't have much money, and therefore lack all the socially approved possessions.

Winners, those people who are good at the contest, get all the good stuff in life. They get more money, which means that they can buy more things and do more things. They can go to Disneyland and reward themselves. They have bigger houses and fancier cars with personalized license plates. All the important stuff as defined by the winners. The winners not only get to make the rules, but they also get to define success in playing the game. He who has the most toys wins seems to be a popular definition of success within this paradigm.

Winners like this because as you get better at the game you get to make the rules Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , rules that help you win even more. When you believe you are a separate entity unto yourself that is how you define success. Awards and accolades go to those who have demonstrated an ability to accumulate large amounts of money and material possessions.

People who are proficient at putting a round ball in a round hoop are paid millions of dollars and their behavior is emulated by those who see them as heroes. Teachers who are charged with molding and educating our children are paid a pittance and are constantly harangued for the results of their efforts in an under funded, unappreciated system that pays only lip service to the concept that our children are our most important assets.

There are no award ceremonies to honor those we consider the most loving, the most compassionate, and the most forgiving. How could we recognize these people anyway? According to our definition of success (having the most money and accumulating the most possessions), the people who are merely loving, compassionate and forgiving are defined as losers.

So it is, and so it will continue to be Cheap NFL Jerseys , as long as the world subscribes to the belief system that says we are all separate and we must look out for our own best interests to win in the contest of life. This belief system allows us to absolve ourselves of any responsibility for our own actions. We can go through life buffeted by the events and experiences that show up in our lives and live under the illusion that we are separate from the cause and effect of these experiences. It Locating Convenient Programs.

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